Funny Friday: Kaya’s Fall Adventure Part 1

Hello friends and follows! It’s Kaya here, with Pepper. We sure had an exciting day today!


Today, Pepper and I went out for a walk. We were walking along when Pepper started barking like crazy. He ran off, and left me a mile behind. I started running after him.


Then I saw what made him so excited! He saw pumpkins! As you probably know, everyone loves pumpkins. So does Pepper.


I rolled one onto its side and sat down for a quick rest. Pepper looked up at me. “You silly dog, ” I said, “I’m thirsty. Let’s go back inside for a drink.”


I started back towards the house, with Pepper not far behind. Suddenly, he stopped.


“Come on, Pepper!” I shouted. He started to whine, so I just turned around and kept walking.


Then I heard a crash and turned around. Pepper was gone!

What do you think happened to Pepper?

– Kaya and American Girl Doll Artist 🙂

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