Funny Friday: Mini Kaya’s Party

Mini Isabelle and Mini Kaya are here to post the Funny Friday weekly story. Mini Isabelle is blue, and Mini Kaya is green.

Hello, Mini Isabelle here. 

With Mini Kaya too. 

Yes, we are both here.

Anyway, we are here to tell you about my birthday party. 

But, it wasn’t your birthday.

So? On with the story. Mini Isabelle made a huge cake for me! But then she took it away for some reason.


But she was nice enough to give it back, about she licked off half of the chocolate. I didn’t mind of course. I don’t like sugar that much. I don’t know why she ate the chocolate. She already had smoothie. 

As I always say, you can NEVER have too much sugar!

Um, right. Anyway-

I want to tell some of the story too!

Okay. You can take it from here.

Roll film!

It’s not a movie, it’s a blog post.

Oh. Right.


There’s me giving a present to Mini Kaya. 

I had no idea what was inside.


A box? I had asked. Mini Isabelle grabbed it and said, let me show you how to use it!

No I didn’t! You asked me to show you!

I did?




Girls, if you don’t finish up the story, I’ll write the rest.

Okay, we’ll write it.


As Mini Isabelle  opened the box-

I thought I was telling the story. And it was a laptop, not a box.

Well, I thought it looked like a mini TV.



I worked on it for a little bit-

It was a long time, Mini Isabelle.

Well, maybe I hogged it for a little bit. It was fun.

But it was my present. I played with my baby doll while Mini Isabelle was playing a game on the box.


That’s all that happened at my party! I had it at my Great-Grandmother’s house. She has a guest house we stayed in. :)


– Mini Isabelle and Mini Kaya.

Do you think that Mini Isabelle should write every Funny Friday? Whose posts to you enjoy the most?



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