Funny Friday: The Missing Shoes

Hello, Jamie here. Earlier this morning, I had just put on the most fabulous outfit. It had lots of pink in it. Now all I needed was the golden sparkle shoes. I couldn’t find them in my bedroom, where I left them last night. So I went upstairs to ask my sisters. None of them had seen them, so we started looking all around the house for the precious shoes!


I looked under the bed……


Kaya looked in the accessories box…….


And Kanani looked in the kitchen.

We couldn’t find the shoes anywhere. We all met back up in the bedroom upstairs. And then……


It was Isabelle! She had taken the shoes to ballet class.


“Cool tutu, Isabelle,” Kaya said. She loves tutus, I mean, really loves them.

“Thanks Kaya,” Isabelle replied. “I’m learning a new ballet dance. Want to watch?” Without waiting for an answer, Isabelle started dancing around the room. When she stopped, she stood in front of us, panting. We burst into applause.

“That was really good!” I said. “Now can I please have my shoes back?”

“Sorry, I had to use them, because I couldn’t find my canvas shoes anywhere.” Isabelle apologized.

Everyone looked at Kanani. She smiled sheepishly. “That’s because I was wearing them.”

“That’s okay,” Isabelle said, “I mean, wait, where did Kaya go?”


Kaya was downstairs playing with the accessories, making a big mess.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go help her pick up.


– Jamie :)




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