Yippee! My very first give-away! I have one Mini Grace Doll here waiting for a brand new home!


Mini Grace has painted on eyes, smooth brown hair, with a tiny french braid.


Her head can turn, and her legs and arms can move. Her torso is vinyl, as is the rest of her body.


She comes with her meet outfit, which is her skirt and shirt, attached to one another. It’s really easy for dressing and redressing.


There are also little gray boots with bows on them.


Grace comes with the miniature version of her first book too. It has a few chapters from the book inside.

The pictures are actually of Catlover02’s new Grace mini. I have another, unopened one for the give-away.

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61 comments on “Blog-i-versary Give-away!

  1. I’m confused. It says to enter before May 19th, but then it says that the winner will be announced on May 14th. When is the deadline for entering?

    • Huh. I don’t know why it does that. It works on my computer….
      Well, first you have to get your parent(s) ‘s permission. You can only enter if you live in the U.S.
      Comment sharing who your favorite AG doll is, and say if you would like to enter. Make sure your email address is correct in your comment. You can get one extra entry if you share it on your own blog. The deadline is May 13th, 11:59. Have fun!

  2. My favorite American girl doll has to be Isabelle and Olivia (MAG 39). Thanks for this giveaway!

  3. My favorite is Saige. At the moment….or Nikki. Or Grace. Can I enter? Thanks. * you know who*

  4. I got permission from my Dad and Mom! My fav doll is Caroline and Addy an Kit!!Thanks for doing a Give-away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    – Winter : )

  5. My favourite doll is Felicity, with Addy coming in close second. I would like to enter this giveaway please!

  6. I would like to enter. My favorite doll would probably have to be Kanani Akina (GOTY 2011). Good luck to all the people who entered!

  7. I would love to enter this give-away! I got permission from my parents and I posted on my blog that you were doing a give-away! My favorite dolls are Kit, Kaya and Josefina!
    Thank You soon much!
    Gracie Girl

  8. I love #44, Mia, and Rebecca. :)

    If it’s ok, my sister would also like to enter. She said her favorite doll is Kit. :)

    We have parent permission.

  9. Oh OK, thanks for letting me know! My favorite dolls are Caroline,Felicity, and I’ve seen what Maryellen is
    going to look like and I like her too.By the way, I have permission.

  10. I would love to enter! My favorite doll is Lanie because last summer, I saved up money and bought her. We’ve been best friends ever since! Thanks for the giveaway American Girl Doll Artist! (My parents gave me permission to enter!) :)

  11. I would like to enter,I love Grace since she looks almost exactly like me. Thank you so much for the giveaway!!!!!!!!
    P.S. i also got my parents permission for this :)

  12. Ok, I have a question. If I enter and my sister enters, and if I post it on my blog, would I still get 2 entries and my sister would get one entry? Anyway, I will enter, so will my sister. I like Saige and my sister likes McKenna!

  13. My favorite american girl doll is Kanani. She is from Hawaii which I have always wanted to visit, I love her books and she is really pretty.
    I also posted about your giveaway on my blog.
    I got parent permission.

  14. I have a parent’s permission and I would like to enter. My favorite AG doll is probably Samantha, but I also really like Felicity, as I have her. ;) Thanks for the giveaway!


  15. My favorite American girl doll is Samantha, because I have a sister named that. May I please enter?