Blog-i-versary Giveaway Winner!

Good morning everyone! Catlover02’s Grace is here today to help us find the give-away winner!


Catlover02 and I put everyone’s names on little pieces of paper into the glass bowl. Grace then stirred it up with her spatula and then pulled out a slip of paper.


Oh, the suspense!



Congratulations Amanda! You won!


Thank you to all of the people who entered. I had over 20 entries!

That was fun! Well, in my opinion. I hope I will be able to have another giveaway soon!

– American Girl Doll Artist

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5 comments on “Blog-i-versary Giveaway Winner!

  1. Congratulations, Amanda!

    Grace is a beautiful doll. i still haven’t made up my mind on her and time is ticking away. Just over 6 months left. Yikes!

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