American Girl’s Grace Mistakes

Here are a couple of interesting things I’ve noticed that AG has messed up on. They are pretty interesting though!

The first one is involving the pastry cart online. Here is the pastry cart’s first photo.

pastry cart 3

Then, it shows the pastry cart without all the goodies.

Pastry Cart 2

Did you notice what the sign said?


Huh? Polka dot Patisserie? I noticed this because I printed out a picture of Grace’s pastry cart so I could make a coloring page of it. I needed a visual. Then while drawing, I saw the sign! 🙂

The next slip up is on the cover of Grace’s 3rd book:

grace makes it great

Notice anything weird?

slip up

Look at that bag. Notice the handles. They go through the black accent curve! The handles are supposed to be behind it, because the bag is on the shelf!

Have any of you noticed these mistakes? Have you found any different ones?

— American Girl Doll Artist

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  1. That’s so odd! Why would it say “Polka Dot”? Perhaps it was a name AG considered using?

  2. I think with the pastry cart, on one side it might say Polka Dot Bakery then say La Petite Pattisiere or whatever!;) But interesting post!

  3. Wow, that’s unusual! I think the Polka Dot Patisserie sign is on there so girls can use a different name for their bakery cart. I noticed something about the 3rd book cover. See the clear box with a blue bow? The cement line is draw through the ribbon. :0

  4. Has this happened with anything else before?

  5. huh,weird!

  6. Haha! That’s funny!

  7. Look at the wheels of the cart they are different!!!

  8. Polka Dot Patisserie? Hilarious!

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