Finish Grace’s Baking Outfit for Girls

Here are some pieces to complete your outfit if you have Grace’s Baking Apron for girls!

Baby Blue Tee – LINK

Baby Pink Leggings – LINK

They are from Justice and they have sizes 5-20 on these items. Their leggings and basic tees are really comfortable. 🙂

–American Girl Doll Artist

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5 comments on “Finish Grace’s Baking Outfit for Girls

  1. Great idea! I wish I had the apron… 😉

    You don’t have to do this, but I was reading one of your older posts and you said you and your sisters were wearing Grace Thomas skirts from GAP or somewhere like that. Would you might posting a picture of them or sending me a photo? If you can’t, that’s totally fine. 🙂

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