Grace Comparison: Grace vs Grace

So, who has Grace?

That was a question many of you had in March, this year. Catlover02 bought Grace Thomas online, and then I bought another Grace in store in February.

Which is which?

This post will show how we tell who has what Grace doll.


Here are the 2 Grace dolls side by side. Can you notice anything different about them (except for the fact that they have different earrings)?


Basically, we know the Grace dolls apart because of their faces. Catlover02’s Grace has much lighter lips than mine. Her bangs also have a bit more “swoop” look to them.


This is my (American Girl Doll Artist) Grace doll, with the darker lips. My Grace has bangs that are a little different too.

We also know by their hair length.


This is sort of strange, but my Grace (on the left) has shorter hair, while Catlover02’s Grace (on the right)  has hair about half an inch longer than mine. Also, I’ve never taken out my Grace’s original French braid.


My Grace’s skin also has like a warmer tone to it, but it’s not that different. The hands look different because each doll has two different hand shapes. The hand on the right is more useful for holding objects, since it’s bigger.

I hope this helps you identify the Grace dolls. :)

– American Girl Doll Artist


10 comments on “Grace Comparison: Grace vs Grace

  1. What an interesting post- especially about the hair length!

    Btw, I love your blog. My friend just told be about it and I’m glad she did. :) Actually, I’m saving up for MAG 46! I think I’ll be getting her soon and I’m very excited. The ironic thing is, Jamie is what I was already planning to use for her middle name! I love looking at pictures of YOUR Jamie on here. ;-)