Grace Thomas’s First Photoshoot!

Please welcome……

(drumroll please)



She arrived this morning. Grace is a very cute doll; really cute. 😉


Grace has beautiful blue eyes. They are just blue, no different colors in them. Her freckles are light, but her lips are darker than most dolls. Catlover02 said that her eyebrows were also bushier than her other dolls.

DSC_1630Her shirt says, “Paris Je T’aime,” which means, “Paris, I love you.” I think that is strange saying, but the shirt is cute. I like the glitter on the pink lines and on the letters.


On her skirt, there is a black bow.


Here is her charm bracelet.


Her boots have lots of mix and match potential. 🙂


Catlover02 got the doll with earrings. She came with her ears pierced, and she was wearing heart earrings. The other earrings she came with are more hearts, Eiffel tower dangles, and light blue bows. I don’t know why they include 2 pairs of hearts.


Her signature hairstyle is a French braid. I think it’s very nice and pulls the hair out of her face.


Her clothes have this tag.


Her hair has a slight wave to it. It is fun to brush, and it’s really smooth.


Her bangs were a little messed up in the box, but Catlover02 smoothed them out. I think they are lot more realistic than Lanie’s bangs.


Her complete outfit. 🙂



Thank you for reading!

– American Girl Doll Artist





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  1. You have her you are so lucky!!!

  2. yay she arrived and welcome!!! congrats!

  3. I purchased her on the 1st.

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