Grace’s Bakery is Sold Out!

Grace’s Bakery is sold out. American Girl has confirmed this on their Facebook page. They didn’t make as many Patisseries because of the price, but many people still bought it so they were out of stock early.

There is a Patisserie on Ebay that is marked as $1,495 and 11 people are watching it. Unbelievable! Another one is marked at $1,629.99 and 43 people are watching that too.  I could only find about 5 Patisseries on Ebay and all of them are over $1,000. I think the Patisserie is going to be the most coveted furniture piece American Girl has made.

What I’m wondering is where did people get the money to buy the Patisserie! It’s $500! People complain the DOLLS are expensive and the $500 bakery sells out 2 months early!

I’m a little disappointed. I know I would never get the Patisserie, but I could help hoping! :) I need to be thankful for what I have. I have 6 dolls! I don’t need a bakery. I’m trying to convince myself that. :P

— American Girl Doll Artist



6 comments on “Grace’s Bakery is Sold Out!

  1. Wow! That’s crazy! And you’re so right about how people complain about how expensive the dolls are and yet go buy a bakery for $500. It’s ridiculous! I’m personally fine with the price of the dolls and the bakery, though. But I do feel like the dolls could be lower and maybe the bakery could’ve been like $400, but it doesn’t bother me too much. You pay for the quality and a lot comes with the bakery :)

  2. I’m surprised at how fast a lot of Grace’s things are selling out. Usually most GOTY things are available at least until November.
    Also I am shocked at how many people will pay that much for a bakery. The dolls are slightly on the expensive side but seem somewhat reasonable to me, but a lot of the furniture and accessories are way overpriced in my opinion.

  3. When this Bakery first came out, I thought, “There is no way that this will sell for $500!”. Now, I’m completely amazed! I agree that the quality and accessories are nice, but many families can’t afford something like that. It is weird that people would complain about the $115 dolls when many of them buy a $500 patisserie! I think the dolls are worth the money. Even though the bakery is expensive, I’m still sad to see it go. I think many people are buying the bakery so that can sell it years later. :)

  4. I think it’s a sad day when people buy and resale a toy at such a ridiculous price to make a ridiculous profit. It sold out so fast I was unable to get it for my granddaughter who is now asking for one from Santa. I refuse to pay those ridiculous prices. I hope no one buys from you and you get stuck with those patisseries.!!!!