Hairstyle: Isabelle’s bangs

American girl has invented some pretty hairstyles for Isabelle. One the them in a high piggy tail with bangs. I have found to create the bangs! This hairstyle will work with other dolls too.


Isabelle will be the model, of course! For the first time since I bought her, I took out her pink highlights. That made a huge difference will her hairstyles. I can now make good-looking braids and piggy tails. Buns are still hard though.


First, pull your dolls hair back into a piggy tail, but leave some hair from the front out of the piggy tail. The hair you leave out will make the bangs.


Pull the pieces of hair together in the back. Take out the piggy tail, and make another one, with the rest of the hair from beneath.


You can hardly see the blue piggy tail.


Will you try this out on your other dolls? Isabelle loves her hairstyle and loves that her head feels so light (I took out the highlights). Here are some more bonus pictures.


Yay! Fall is here!

Now, this picture is hilarious. We took our cat into our bedroom and gave her Tutu. On iTunes radio you can play a radio with real cats meowing. I put the phone under Tutu. Our cat thought Tutu was really meowing. Now she thinks she’s Tutu’s mommy! She even started giving Tutu a bath! It was so cute and funny to watch!


Sorry, that has almost nothing to do with dolls, but it was too cute not to post! Bye for now!

– American Girl Doll Artist, Isabelle, Tutu and Dottie (the cat).



15 comments on “Hairstyle: Isabelle’s bangs

  1. The cat’s look adorable. Oh, i entered into the fetch a friend sweepstake. 10 people win, i think it should be 20, and the prize is a lot of stuff!

  2. Why did you take out Isabelle’s pink hair stuff?
    Nice hair on Isabelle.
    The cat’s thing was so funny and cute!