Kanani’s Makeover

Hi friends! It’s me, Kanani. I am getting a makeover, thanks to American Girl Doll Artist. She has curled up my hair and so tomorrow it will be curly. She said that it might not last even a few days, but hey, at least she’s planning to take me on a photoshoot! I have been brave (maybe I complained once or twice) through it. My hair resembles a bird nest. Good thing no birds live in our house!


Crazy, isn’t it?


American Girl Doll Artist took out two of my curlers. They weren’t fully dry yet, so they uncurled. Too bad. :(


See, I told you it looks like a bird nest!

AG Doll Artist used a pencil, a wire hairbrush and water spray. Oh yeah, and LOTS of bobby pins. You can’t forget those. She wrapped a section of hair around the pencil until she got to the top of the head. Then she slid it off the pencil and used a bobby pin to hold it in place. To all you dolls with straight hair: you need to ask your mom to do this for you! Curly hair is beautiful and we should always have it (even if mothers make your hair straight again). You have to let the curls dry overnight and maybe even spray them in the morning, and take them out 2 days after.

I will let you know how my hair turns out. American Girl Doll Artist doesn’t really want to spend $40 for me to have a new head. She even said my personality might even change if I got a new head! Gasp! Anyway, bye for now!

– Kanani and American Girl Doll Artist



5 comments on “Kanani’s Makeover

  1. Understand, funny thing our owner/mom did all of the ag dolls in our house’s hair today. Mine is in pig tails and I am using Marie grace( may)’s hat. I think mom favors hazel. Do you think she does? – LCE ( I have Two middle names like May. My name is Lilac Chrystal Emily)