Innerstar University

Today I played on my Innerstar U account. My username is Jamie 1179. I took some screenshots.

I really like Innerstar U books. I have A Winning Goal, Project Friendship, Into the Spotlight, Bound for Snow, Braving the Lake, A Girl’s Best Friend, I <3 Art and A Girl’s Word. The last two are activity books.

I changed Jamie’s hairstyle and bought the birthday party outfit from Casual Closet.

Jamie Room

This is Jamie’s bedroom.

Jamie Innerstar U

Jamie’s profile in her yearbook.

Innerstar U

I helped Jamie play this game. :) This is one of my favorites! It’s called Snack Cart Smarts. You make the customers’ orders and ring the bell. For example, if a girl want’s a corn on the cob, push the pile of sticks, push the corn basket and then the microwave. Then you ring the bell!

Pet Party

I like this one too. It’s called Pet Party. By giving the pets picnic blankets, drinks and snack, you figure out what each of them like, and give them a cake they all will like!


I played this last. I always played it with the sound of the computer turned down. Today, I just had it on and discovered that the girls say different things!

That’s what I did on Innerstar U. If you have an account you can send me a friend request. I don’t play a lot, just sometimes.

P.S. You can get access to an account by getting an Innerstar U campus guide. They come with My American Girl Dolls.


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