Jamie at School

Here are pictures of Jamie at Innerstar U. She had a lot of fun on her first day.



Jamie picked out her outfit the night before. Her pink meet outfit is her favorite. She is also wearing her favorite earrings.



“I wonder who has the locker next to mine?” Jamie asked.



Jamie’s first class? Science!

Jessica, (Jamie’s friend) goes to Jamie’s school, but she’s not in the same classes, so I didn’t get any pictures of her. 😉

Check out the new Innerstar U game: Campus Club Fair at innerstaru.com!

–American Girl Doll Artist



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  1. Marie Grace and Hazel says

    I LOVE school. Do you? What are your favorite classes?

  2. Marie Grace says

    Me too, How was Isabelle’s first day of school? : )

  3. Did u make the lockers out of duck tape and card board?

  4. Did u make the lockers?

  5. The lockers are soooooo CUTE!

  6. Good news I got TM 67!!!

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