Last Day to Play Innerstar University!

Remember – today’s the last day to play Innerstar University!

Jamie was my only doll that came with Innerstar U codes. I set her up a week after I bought her in 2013. I really like Pajama Pile and Dive In; those were my favorite games.

What are yours? Are you sad InnerstarU is leaving?

– American Girl Doll Artist

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13 comments on “Last Day to Play Innerstar University!

  1. My favorite games were Dive In! and Pom Pom Power.
    I’m really sad that it’s closing. :( I didn’t know that it would still be open today, so I made a big deal of playing it for the last time last night, but I tried it today and sure enough it still works! :)
    I wish they didn’t have to close it.