My InnerstarU Artwork – Part 1

InnerstarU has played a big part in the way I draw. Sure, everyone’s drawing style  is unique, but mine was heavily influenced by the pictures in the books. I love the InnerstarU books. Though the pictures are made in a studio, the way they are drawn makes them look like something I could copy. That’s exactly what I thought when I borrowed my first InnerstarU book at the library: A Surprise Find. I had heard about InnerstarU from American Girl (I wasn’t really into dolls as much as I am now) and saw the new books at the library. Being the artist I am, I absolutely loved the cover drawings. The girls looked nice and friendly, and resembled dolls. The vibrant colors made the book pop. Plus, who doesn’t love a book where you get to make the decisions?  I asked my mom if I could get the book and she said I could. On the way home, I wouldn’t put the book down. I took it everywhere. I had read it multiple times (all the endings) and I drooled over the pictures. I loved the book so much, I drew a picture of the first illustration in the book. It was of Neely at the market making bracelets with some other girls.


I didn’t date or sign this, but I’m pretty sure I did it in February 2013, before I got Jamie. In the illustration, the girls are shaded in an extremely easy way to color. They have only a few shady part on their faces, mainly below their eyebrows, and under their necks. With my colored pencil collection of over 60 pencils, I could get any color I wanted, so coloring was fun, and easy.

For me, every time I look at one of my older drawings, I can find something to critique, so I’ll try not to do that is this post. :)


I think this is my second drawing, and I drew in on the 16th of February. I was really pleased with the way Shelby turned out, especially her hair.

My InnerstarU drawings have helped me improve drawing people, especially their lips. Before, I didn’t draw any lips, because if I did, it wouldn’t look very good. The ISU pictures helped me to draw small lips, the kind that girls have. I like the little highlight on Shelby’s bottom lip. :)


I’m not really pleased with this one, maybe the way I shaded her face with an eraser. I think I drew this in the car.


The next books I got from the library were Dive Right In, Behind the Scenes, and the New Girl. This drawing is from Dive Right In.


This is also from Dive Right In. I drew this really fast, it’s not one of my best.


This one was harder for me, because of Neely’s face. I am TERRIBLE at drawing people’s faces from the side. I guess it’s just lack of practice. I finally got her face right after many tries.


The drawing is from The New Girl. The front girl’s lips weren’t that great. Her hair is a little purple, and the other girl has way too much yellow. :)


This is from the New Girl too. This is Zoe, and she’s from France. :)


This is from Dive Right In. I colored this with watercolor pencils. I only had 8, so I didn’t have a lot of shading. I like the sundae, it looks yummy.


This picture is from Behind the Scenes, where Neely is trying to give a piece of bacon to Devin, to give to Chocolate Chip, the puppy.


This is Emmy. I don’t think I drew this from a picture.


This is also from the New Girl. I don’t know why I didn’t color her hat, maybe my green colored pencil was broken, and I didn’t have a sharpener with me at the time…

The next set of books I got was when we went to Arizona for vacation. I bought 5 InnerstarU books off Amazon, and they came 2 days later, because of Amazon prime. I had to wait a whole week. It was torture! Okay, not really, but I really wanted those books.

I bought A Girl’s Best Friend, Bound for Snow, Into the Spotlight, Braving the Lake, and the Winning Goal. I brought all of them on the trip. Oh yes, and my colored pencils and sketch book.


This is from Into the Spotlight. I don’t know why I didn’t draw the floor, sometimes the most essential things I forget to draw. I’m pretty sure I drew this in the car.


This is Emmy in Bound for Snow. Her jacket has a neat pattern on it, but it would be too tedious to color it like that. I also drew this in the car.



Neely’s face is a little smashed. I drew this the same day as the one above. This is from A Winning Goal.


I didn’t complete this, since I didn’t like the way Isabel looked. I drew this in the car too, it’s from Into the Spotlight.


I don’t think was done in the car.. It’s from A Winning Goal. It Neely, pulling Becca into a dance.

The book I got next was Project Friendship. Before that, I got A Fork in the Trail and the Taking the Reins from my friend. She was borrowing them from the library and let me borrow them. I only had them for 2 days and drew one or 2 pictures. But alas, they got thrown away.

So here are some of my Project Friendship drawings!


I remember in the illustration, Devin (the girl with red hair) was frowning, but I made her smile.


I drew these when I didn’t have my colored pencils and never got around to coloring it.


This is Alexis in her bedroom. I really liked the illustration of this, the colors were cool. I drew it though it was a challenge because of the chair. I did have fun with it. :)

Stay tuned to see the rest of the drawings, my newest InnerstarU artwork,  and some extra drawings too!

– American Girl Doll Artist


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  1. Wow! You’ve inspired me to try now! I haven’t drawn nearly all summer and now I can’t wait to go to the library to get the ISU books! I hope you don’t mind if I end up posting some of the drawings I plan to do! I’ll certainly reference you!