My InnerstarU Artwork – Part 1

InnerstarU has played a big part in the way I draw. Sure, everyone’s drawing style  is unique, but mine was heavily influenced by the pictures in the books. I love the InnerstarU books. Though the pictures are made in a studio, the way they are drawn makes them look like something I could copy. That’s exactly what I thought when I borrowed my first InnerstarU book at the library: A Surprise Find. I had heard about InnerstarU from American Girl (I wasn’t really into dolls as much as I am now) and saw the new books at the library. Being the artist I am, I absolutely loved the cover drawings. The girls looked nice and friendly, and resembled dolls. The vibrant colors made the book pop. Plus, who doesn’t love a book where you get to make the decisions?  I asked my mom if I could get the book and she said I could. On the way home, I wouldn’t put the book down. I took it everywhere. I had read it multiple times (all the endings) and I drooled over the pictures. I loved the book so much, I drew a picture of the first illustration in the book. It was of Neely at the market making bracelets with some other girls.


I didn’t date or sign this, but I’m pretty sure I did it in February 2013, before I got Jamie. In the illustration, the girls are shaded in an extremely easy way to color. They have only a few shady part on their faces, mainly below their eyebrows, and under their necks. With my colored pencil collection of over 60 pencils, I could get any color I wanted, so coloring was fun, and easy.

For me, every time I look at one of my older drawings, I can find something to critique, so I’ll try not to do that is this post. 🙂


I think this is my second drawing, and I drew in on the 16th of February. I was really pleased with the way Shelby turned out, especially her hair.

My InnerstarU drawings have helped me improve drawing people, especially their lips. Before, I didn’t draw any lips, because if I did, it wouldn’t look very good. The ISU pictures helped me to draw small lips, the kind that girls have. I like the little highlight on Shelby’s bottom lip. 🙂


I’m not really pleased with this one, maybe the way I shaded her face with an eraser. I think I drew this in the car.


The next books I got from the library were Dive Right In, Behind the Scenes, and the New Girl. This drawing is from Dive Right In.


This is also from Dive Right In. I drew this really fast, it’s not one of my best.


This one was harder for me, because of Neely’s face. I am TERRIBLE at drawing people’s faces from the side. I guess it’s just lack of practice. I finally got her face right after many tries.


The drawing is from The New Girl. The front girl’s lips weren’t that great. Her hair is a little purple, and the other girl has way too much yellow. 🙂


This is from the New Girl too. This is Zoe, and she’s from France. 🙂


This is from Dive Right In. I colored this with watercolor pencils. I only had 8, so I didn’t have a lot of shading. I like the sundae, it looks yummy.


This picture is from Behind the Scenes, where Neely is trying to give a piece of bacon to Devin, to give to Chocolate Chip, the puppy.


This is Emmy. I don’t think I drew this from a picture.


This is also from the New Girl. I don’t know why I didn’t color her hat, maybe my green colored pencil was broken, and I didn’t have a sharpener with me at the time…

The next set of books I got was when we went to Arizona for vacation. I bought 5 InnerstarU books off Amazon, and they came 2 days later, because of Amazon prime. I had to wait a whole week. It was torture! Okay, not really, but I really wanted those books.

I bought A Girl’s Best Friend, Bound for Snow, Into the Spotlight, Braving the Lake, and the Winning Goal. I brought all of them on the trip. Oh yes, and my colored pencils and sketch book.


This is from Into the Spotlight. I don’t know why I didn’t draw the floor, sometimes the most essential things I forget to draw. I’m pretty sure I drew this in the car.


This is Emmy in Bound for Snow. Her jacket has a neat pattern on it, but it would be too tedious to color it like that. I also drew this in the car.



Neely’s face is a little smashed. I drew this the same day as the one above. This is from A Winning Goal.


I didn’t complete this, since I didn’t like the way Isabel looked. I drew this in the car too, it’s from Into the Spotlight.


I don’t think was done in the car.. It’s from A Winning Goal. It Neely, pulling Becca into a dance.

The book I got next was Project Friendship. Before that, I got A Fork in the Trail and the Taking the Reins from my friend. She was borrowing them from the library and let me borrow them. I only had them for 2 days and drew one or 2 pictures. But alas, they got thrown away.

So here are some of my Project Friendship drawings!


I remember in the illustration, Devin (the girl with red hair) was frowning, but I made her smile.


I drew these when I didn’t have my colored pencils and never got around to coloring it.


This is Alexis in her bedroom. I really liked the illustration of this, the colors were cool. I drew it though it was a challenge because of the chair. I did have fun with it. 🙂

Stay tuned to see the rest of the drawings, my newest InnerstarU artwork,  and some extra drawings too!

– American Girl Doll Artist

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  1. Avatar Julia Grace Phillips says

    Wow, those are so good! I especially love the one with the sundaes!


  2. Wow! You’re such an amazing artist, I love the way you draw! Now I want to get all of the InnerstarU books!

  3. Agdollartist, those are amazing! You’re so good at drawing! My favorites are all the ones of Neely, Devin, and Amber with the puppy. God has really blessed you with this talent. I can’t wait for more!

  4. Awesome!

  5. American girl doll artist, Who is your favorite Innerstar U character? Mine are Neely, Shelby, and Emmie.

  6. Wow! You’ve inspired me to try now! I haven’t drawn nearly all summer and now I can’t wait to go to the library to get the ISU books! I hope you don’t mind if I end up posting some of the drawings I plan to do! I’ll certainly reference you!

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