Creating Isabelle’s Bedroom

Hey guys, I’m Harper!

This is my first time blogging on here, so bear with me. XD

If you’ve read my profile on “Meet the Dolls,” you might know that I have a knack for interior design! My favorite sister, Isabelle, told me I should put my talent to use in our house, so I decided to give it a go. ;) I helped created a pastel bedroom for Isabelle! I think she loves it.

I designed this room, Isabelle is modeling in it, and Lea helped take the photos. :)


Isabelle and Willow loved the color scheme. I do too!

Pieces and where they are from:

Chandelier  – Target

Potted tree – Hobby Lobby

Sit and Snooze Fold Out Chair – American Girl

Rug – Made by AGDA

Table – Grace’s Bistro Set (American Girl)

Mini potted plant – Made by Catlover02

Stringed flower-balls – Target

Bedding – Made by AGDA

Bed – Pottery Barn Kids


Izzy got a new profile pic. ;)


Oh my goodness, that rug was so soft.


Every time I see this photo I think, “Daydream believer.” LOL.


Lea insisted I get in the photo and so she took a candid photo of Izzy and I. Do you like my shirt? XD


Izzy really wanted to give me a makeover.. I didn’t resist.


She was all like, “This pink color is totally going to look great on you!”

It turned out pretty cute, actually.



*cues the music*

So that’s all I got today! :) What’s your favorite part of the bedroom? Maybe I’ll add it to my next design. ;)


  • Harper


My outfit:

Tee: Elite Doll World

Shorts: Elite Doll World

Shoes: American Girl

Isabelle’s outfit:

Shirt: Elite Doll World

Cardigan: Sparrow and Wren (no longer open)

Shorts: American Girl

Shoes: Elite Doll World

Bracelet: American Girl


30 comments on “Creating Isabelle’s Bedroom

  1. Aww, the bedroom is so cute! Glad to see that Harper’s starting to fit in! Good job on the room. I love their outfits! And the stringed flower things. 😄 And the rug. I like that you said dance party. Oh! You should make Lea’s room! Only if you want to though.
    ~Katherine 🐯
    Have a great day!