Decorating the Tree – A Photostory

“You guys got a tree?” Jessica squealed, feeling the rough branches of the new Christmas tree that was in the living room. “I thought Mom said we couldn’t have a tree since we were moving!”


“Well, Sarah told us it wasn’t time to move yet, and so with Mom’s approval, we got a Christmas tree!” Isabelle said.


Darica smiled. “We were just about to decorate it. We already put the lights on the tree.”


“Did someone say tree?” Kanani asked, overhearing. She was wearing her new pajamas she got as an early birthday gift.

“Yes, we are going to decorate it!” Jessica said, turning to face her. “Want to help us?”

“Sure!” Kanani exclaimed, “What should I do?”

“Isabelle and I can go get the decorations. You guys wait here.” Daria said, heading to another part in the house in search of the decoration-filled shopping bags.


When they came back, Isabelle and Darica had they’re arms full with decorations.

“We should probably pull the tree out from the wall, so we can get around it.” Isabelle suggested.


Darica began putting the tinsel around the tree.


Kanani helped by carrying the rest of the tinsel for Darica so she wouldn’t trip.

“I love decorating, don’t you?” Kanani asked.

“Oh, yes.” Daria replied, “I love decorating Christmas trees. My favorite part is when you turn on the lights when you’re finished decorating.”


Isabelle began to pass out the sparkly, red bulbs to the others to hang.

“I hope they don’t break!” Kanani said, taking one.

“They probably won’t, we’re on carpet and these bulbs are so tiny…” Jessica trailed off, hanging her bulb.


“It’s so pretty.” She said, staring at it.


The dolls put on the gold star ornaments, and finally, Jessica put on the star.

“Good grief!” Daria  exclaimed, holding up Jessica. “What have you been eating?”

“Nothing!” Jessica said as she reaching towards the top.  “I – I mean, not nothing, but just a few french pastries here and there… Got it!”


Darica set Jessica down on the ground. “Whew!” She said. “I’ll go plug in the lights!”


The beautifully decorated Christmas tree lit up the room. The light danced off the ornaments, making them sparkle.


“I love it.” Darica said dreamily. “It’s gorgeous. I can’t wait to open presents on Christmas morning with all the pretty lights and stuff.”


“Me too.” Kanani agreed.

For several moments, the dolls stared at the tree, taking in its beauty.


“Wait a minute!” Jessica said, looking under the tree. “Where did those gifts come from?”


Do your dolls have a Christmas tree? Have they decorated it yet?

– American Girl Doll Artist


25 comments on “Decorating the Tree – A Photostory

  1. This was amazing, I just love all of your photo stories!! I still need to get a Christmas tree for my dolls, so hopefully I can today!

  2. This photostory was SO fun!:) Your dolls all look so nice! My dolls haven’t gotten out their Christmas tree yet, but they all really want to!:)

  3. Very cute story! I love how all the dolls are in their pajamas. :) Happy early Birthday Kanani!

    My dolls have a tree, too. It has gold, red, and silver ornaments with red tinsel. I love your star ornaments! I wish we had a Hobby lobby where I live…. Those are so pretty! :)

    -American Girl Doll Crafter

  4. So cute! I thought it was funny when Darica lifted Sarah. ;D I love your tree! The colors are so pretty! My dolls have a tree too! I wonder where the presents came from……… :D

  5. I have a little reusable tree for my dolls but it isn’t out of the basement yet :( Hopefully they will have a tree soon though!