Isabelle’s New Room

I just rearranged my doll house yesterday and Isabelle has her own room with a sewing machine (I’ll tell you more about it later). She loves her new room! 🙂 Okay, Isabelle will start writing now.

Hello everyone! I’ll give you a tour of my new (awesome) room! It’s the best one ever!

Don’t I look fabulous in this outfit? Just like my friend Jessica said, blue is in, pink is out. For now, that is.





I have a sewing machine! And a table and a stool to go with it! The sewing machine is made from Lego’s and so is the table. The stool is a basket with cloth and ribbon around it.






Here’s my bed from Pottery Barn Kids. The sheets are a pillowcase that Mom sewed a picture onto. Mom made the pillows too.



On my wall I have some posters. They are from an American Girl calendar.



Oh, how I love this new stool! My black fur will stand out on the white stool. Sure, it’s shedding season, but I’m sure no one will mind. He he!



One more picture. Say hello, Kaya.



Anything else?

No. Good-bye.

Good-bye everyone! I’ll write again soon.

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