The Surprise Party

Grace laughed as Bonbon trailed behind her.


She had just picked up the latest magazine of “Petite Pastries” at the bookstore and was now trying to find a comfy place to read.


“Grace? I need you to go to the store and buy some earrings for me. They are ones I told you about. You know, the pink ones?” Jamie called from across the room.

“Uh…” Grace paused, noticing Jamie was doing nothing. “Why can’t you do it yourself?”


“I’m… busy!” Jamie said.

Grace smiled. “Doing what?” She put her hands on her hips.

Jamie groaned. “Please, just go to the store! It’s important and I have a million other things to do!”

“Those can wait!” Grace teased.

“Graace!” Jamie said, starting to whine.


“Alright, alright, I’m going.” Grace gave in. Jamie handed her the purse from a hook on the wall.


Grace put on Bonbon’s leash and left the house on Jamie’s errand.

“Mwa ha ha!” Jamie cackled, just for the fun of it.



It was Isabelle. She was hiding behind the wardrobe.

Jamie turned around. “The coast is clear. You can come out now!”


Isabelle came out with some balloons. “I got the decorations like you asked. I had no idea today was Grace’s birthday! How did you know?” She asked, handing Jamie some chevron streamers.

“It was in her journal.” Jamie said.

Isabelle gasped. “You read her journal?”

“Well, American Girl published it. How could I not read it?” Jamie said.

“Oh, you mean her books.” Isabelle finally understood.

“Of course I did! I would never read Grace’s diary!” Jamie insisted. “Does she even have one?”

“Beats me!” Isabelle shrugged. She started working on the balloons while Jamie put up the streamers.

“Josefina!” Jamie called, on top of a stool. “Can you give me a piece of tape?”


Josefina looked up from playing with Tutu. “Sure, I guess!” She picked up the tape roll off the floor and ripped off a piece for Jamie.


“I’m done with the balloons!” Isabelle announced, “I’ll tell Kanani to get the fold out table.”


A few minutes later, Kanani brought over the table and set it up.


“What did you get for Grace for her birthday?” Isabelle asked.

“I bought her that blog theme she’s been wanting.” Kanani said. “I even set it all up for her!”

“Wow, that’s a great gift!” Isabelle said, impressed. “She’ll like that a lot!”


Jamie went to the bakery to buy some treats for the party. When she came back, Kanani and Isabelle both drooled over the desserts.


“Here they are!” Jamie said, setting the plate on the table.

“I call the brownie!” Isabelle said,” I love chocolate!”

“Hey, the birthday girl gets to choose first!” Kanani put in.


“Why did you only buy so few treats anyway, Jamie?” Isabelle asked.

“I didn’t invite anyone,” Jamie replied.

“Not even one person?” Kanani asked.

“Well…” Jamie said, “I did invite Darica…”

“You what?” Kanani asked, not believing what she just heard.


“Why? What’s wrong?” Jamie asked, not catching on.

Kanani smacked her forehead. “You didn’t invite any of Grace’s friends! That’s who the party is for, remember?”

“Oh.” Jamie said quietly, “I never thought of that.”

“I’ll say,” Isabelle said, “It’s kinda funny actually.”


Kaya came up behind them. “Where has Grace’s been?” she asked.

“What do you mean?” Jamie replied.

“She coming back, so where has she been?” Kaya asked again.

“What? She’s coming back already?” Jamie panicked, “We’re not ready!” She ran to the door and peeked out.


“Quick!” Jamie said, “Kaya, you stall her. Make sure she doesn’t come inside!”

“But why?” Kaya asked innocently.

“I don’t know, make up something!” Jamie replied.


“Now this I have to see,” Kanani said.


Kaya went out front to meet Grace.

“Hi Kaya! Will you let me in?” Grace asked. “Why are you blocking the doorway?”

“I…uh…the dog is jumping on the bed!” Kaya told her.

“What?” Grace asked, confused.

“The dog is jumping on the bed so you can’t come in.” Kaya repeated.

“Yes, I can.” Grace said.

“No! I mean, uh, don’t go in!” Kaya said, trying to come up with something.

“This is my house too! I’m going in!” Grace insisted. She gently pushed Kaya to the side and opened the door.


“What’s this?” Grace asked, looking around at the party decorations.


“Uh, a surprise party!” Jamie said. “But now it’s ruined!”

“Why is it ruined? Can I help fix it? I have lots of great ideas! Who is the party for?” Grace asked multiple questions in a rush.

“It was for you! Happy birthday, Grace!” Kanani said, trying to sound cheerful.

“But why?” Grace asked. She looked around again, trying to make sense of it all.

“Silly!” Isabelle giggled, “It’s your birthday!”

Grace didn’t laugh. “I’m sorry to say…it’s not.”

“WHAT?” Jamie, Isabelle and Kanani all shouted at once.

“My birthday is February 27th!” Grace explained, “Why did you think my birthday was today?”

“Because American Girl said it was!” Jamie said, surprised. She wasn’t used to being wrong.

Now it was Grace’s turn to laugh. “American Girl doesn’t know every dolls’ birthday. They just give them one, well, because they do! But our mom said our birthdays are on the day she got us, not on the day American Girl says!”

“That makes a lot more sense!” Kanani said, “But we can’t let all this food and party decorations go to waste. Let’s eat!”


Everyone reached for a treat.

“Well, happy early birthday, Grace!” Isabelle said, brownie crumbs falling out of her mouth.

Grace laughed and licked the whipped cream off her own brownie.

*Knock knock*

“Who could that be?” Kanani asked.

“COME IN!” Jamie shouted.


It was Darica, all dressed up for the party. “What’s going on? Am I late?”

Jamie replied, “No, just come and join the fun! It’s not actually Grace’s birthday but we’re still celebrating!”

“Huh?” Darica asked.

Jamie laughed. “Just come on!” She pulled Darica by the arm over to the table for some fun.


— American Girl Doll Artist

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