Greetings, my fellow fashionistas!! I, Jamie, just know you are in desperate need of some fashion tips. Luckily for you, I have decided to make a post! I feel as if I have not in FOREVER!! Today I will be showing you all how I pick my outfit for the day each morning. It is a VERY tedious and time-consuming task, so please, bear with me.


Ah, there I am. I must say, my bed head looks quite beautiful.


So, each morning when I get up out of bed, I rush to the filled clothing rack. Now, many of you remember that us dolls have had a wardrobe. We still have it, and many of the dolls choose outfits from it each morning. Not me! Fashionistas require SPECIAL care. My mom hand-picks a selection of dresses for me before I get up. Then I choose a dress or outfit from the rack to wear! It’s like having your own personal stylist. *sighs* I love it.


I see Mom put out some very colorful options today! Hopefully I’ll find the right dress. After all, I’m going to a party today!


Hm, let’s see what we have here!



Ooh, this is gorgeous!! I might have to hide this dress away under by bed until Christmastime so I get dibs.. but for now it’s too fancy.


This is too old-fashioned!! It’d work if I were going the cosplay route, but since I’m not, I’ll just leave this here for Rebecca.




I think I’ve found just the thing!!

Now wait here while I try it on. I’ll be right back.



The Spring Breeze Dress! It’ll be perfect for the garden party I’m going to later this afternoon.


So there you have it! That’s how I, JAMIE, your favorite doll in the whole world, picks out a jaw-dropped outfit each day. OF COURSE I’ll need some accessories like a purse and a hair clip, but that’s basically how I start off my day. :)

To anyone who is aspiring to become as fashionable as me, I urge you to get your own personal stylist!! They will help bring out the fashionista from within.

*dramatically tosses curls*

Jamie out!

P.S. Looking for more fashion tips? If you are, get in touch with Jasmine from passion dating app. I bet she has some tips to share about glamorous outfits as well!

P.P.S. I know this isn’t as exciting as this post, but there are some new profile pics on the “Meet the Dolls” page! Be sure to check those out.

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23 comments on “Getting Dressed

  1. That was a wonderful post, Jamie. 😄 You are gorgeous, and so is your outfit. Oh, I’ll be sure to look at the new stuff on the meet the dolls page! Thanks for the post! By the way, did you use a doll bed backing for the rack?
    ~Katherine 👑

  2. I loved reading this! Jamie is so funny and cute. :)
    (Oh, Tay, I didn’t forget you…you’re cute, too, duh… 😈😈😈😉)
    -Sara ❤❤

  3. Jamie’s cute. I can certainly relate to having issues finding the perfect outfit for the day. Wow, Jamie gets her own personal stylist. Wow.
    Anyway, I thought this was cute.


  4. *facepalm* I never saw this! You picked out an awesome outfit, Jamie. You look fabulous. XD And the amazing photos… *dies*

    And aww, thanks for linking to me! Jasmine says she has an arsenal of fashion tips and years of fashion experience… which is debatable. 😂