Happy Birthday To Jamie!

March 3rd was Jamie’s birthday! I can’t believe I’ve had her for 3 years! It doesn’t seem like that long. :)


I put the new “fancy” dress on Jamie and then realized – that was everyday wear for her! What a fashionista. I never knew how much attitude I was taking on when I got her! ;)




The balloons are from my dad, because my birthday was March 2nd! I got Lea’s fruit stand from both of my parents, and the book, “The Art of Star Wars.”


It’s a book of all the concept art they used to make the film. There’s some interviews with some of the artists and my favorite quote is like, “You don’t have to put much detail in the scenery. You can just put the Falcon in it, and it’s enough.”



They tried to make Rey’s second outfit look “Han-Solo-inspired” and now that I think about it, it actually does!


One of my favorite moments from the movie. Oh, C-3PO, will you ever learn? ;) When he came onto the screen, ah, it was just perfect. :)

Ahem, thank you everyone for being patient for the new series to come. I honestly don’t know when it will be finished but I’m going to try hard to finish the story soon! Today I did a lot of sewing and I have already drawn Lea and Kanani for my doll drawing. I’ve got some work to do! ;)

– American Girl Doll Artist



23 comments on “Happy Birthday To Jamie!

  1. Happy Birthday to both you and Jamie! I love the pictures of her with the balloons. :) Looks like you had a wonderful birthday!

    -Clara <3

  2. Happy birthday, Jamie and American Girl Doll Artist! Janie is lovely in that dress!
    That Star Wars book is awesome! I’ve read some of “the art of…” books, but not that one yet. :)
    <3 ,IrishAG