Jamie Goes to Soccer Practice

Hello fans and followers! It’s me again, Jamie. Yesterday, I had soccer practice and Mom was taking pictures of me. It was really strange, but I let her do it anyway. Would you like to see them? Okay, here they are.



First, I had to stretch. This one was kind of hard. Once, I forgot to stretch, and I pulled a muscle. I don’t want that to happen again.


Then, I did windmills.


Push-ups are my least favorite exercise, but I did them anyway. Mom said it makes my muscles stronger.

Jamie soccer

Here’s me dribbling the soccer ball. Yeah, the field was sort of rough with giant weeds everywhere.



Break time! This is my favorite part of practice. I have been working very hard. See, I even have some dirt on my shoe! Oops, I forgot to take my earrings out before soccer.

Mom is planning on doing the pajama review with Sarah, not me. But I’ve been in lots of posts, so I’m not upset.

I will write again soon! Bye!

– Jamie and American Girl Doll Artist :)


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