Jamie’s Chocolate

Jamie yawned. It was morning, but she was still tired. She went to the kitchen for a snack before going back to bed. “Oooo!” Jamie thought, “Sarah made chocolates last night.” Sarah was still in the kitchen, and Jamie devised a plan to sneak a piece of chocolate. Just as she was about to grab one…..



Jamie jumped. “Aw, Sarah, I just wanted one!” she begged.


Sarah shook her head, “No, I worked hard on those! I’m saving them for Olive, but I guess you can have just one.”


“Yes!” Jamie said, grabbing a piece and running to her bed. She put her chocolate on the dresser and got into her bed to eat. But when she looked again, the chocolate was gone!


“Who just took my chocolate?” Jamie yelled.


“Yummy, yummy!” It was mini Isabelle, and she was carrying Jamie’s chocolate. Jamie grabbed her shirt and set her on the dresser.


“Give it back, please,” Jamie insisted, “Go ask Sarah if you can have one.”


Mini Isabelle exited the room and Jamie took a bite of her chocolate.

“Yum. Hey Sarah, 10 stars on the chocolate!” Jamie licked her fingers.

The End :)

P.S. The house is different. I rearranged it today.