Kanani goes to the Bakery

“We are running low on treats,” Kanani said one day, “I’ll have to go to the bakery.” Kanani grabbed her purse and set out to the bakery downtown.


Just as Kanani walked through the front door, the smell of freshly baked treats filled her nose. “Mmmmmm!” she said, taking a deep breath. The bakery was one of her favorite places to shop.


“May I help you?” said the cashier named Bethany.


“Yes, I would like to buy some treats, but it will be a while before I decide.” Kanani said.

Bethany smiled, “That is the case with most of our customers. Take as much time as you need.”


Kanani noticed that they had new heart cookies. “I would like 3 please,” said Kanani, “And one doughnut!”


“Coming right up!” said Bethany. She wrapped the treats and put then into a tin box.


“Thank you,” said Kanani. She handed Bethany her credit card. Kanani picked up her box and left. She still had some more shopping to do, and Kanani didn’t want to haul a heavy box everywhere, so she dropped it off at home.

Unfortunately, Kaya and Mini Isabelle were wandering around the kitchen, and Kaya noticed the box.



“Look! Cookies!” Kaya whispered in delight. Mini Isabelle’s eyes sparkled.

The girls ate all the cookies while Sarah was napping, Kanani was shopping and Jamie was reading. No one was around.


Jamie hopped off the bed and went to the kitchen for a snack. “Oooo!” Jamie said, “A box from Sweet Treats Bakery!” Jamie opened the lid and looked inside. It was empty.


Jamie looked around and saw Kaya staring at her. “Kaya!” said Jamie, “You ate these cookies, didn’t you?”

“Mini Isabelle helped too,” Kaya looked at her shoes, “I’m sorry. Now I have a tummy ache.”

Jamie sighed. “Well, that’s okay, but you still have to tell Kanani you’re sorry. ”

“Okay, but now, I’m going to take a nap,” said Kaya heading towards the beds.

“Good night!”

P.S. Kanani forgave Kaya for eating the cookies. They are still friends. :)


The cookies and treats are make from clay that was bought at Hobby Lobby. The credit card was from the True Spirit Accessories from American Girl.


4 comments on “Kanani goes to the Bakery

  1. What an adorable story! I loved the parts when “the smell of freshly baked treats filled Kanani’s nose. “Mmmmmm!” she said, taking a deep breath.” and”Mini Isabelle’s eyes sparkled.” This story is just to cute. And the photography and photo sets are wonderful as well!
    ~American Girl Admirer~