Review: TM Doll #46

Truly Me #46, also known as Jamie, was my 3rd doll, the 2nd  one I saved for. I really wanted her, but didn’t know what my mom would think of me having 3 dolls. It had been a year since I’d bought Kaya. When I decided I wanted an American Girl doll, I considered buying Cecile instead of Kaya. But it was an easy win for Kaya; I had loved her for several years. When she came I was so excited and took her everywhere (carefully, of course!). I learned that you treat things better if you save and buy them yourself. A year later I wanted Jamie, and surprisingly enough, she looked similar to Cecile! I didn’t realize it at the time though. I really wanted InnerstarU access codes and looked at all the My American Girl dolls to see if I liked any, and Jamie caught my eye. I was planning to name her Gabriela, but it didn’t seem to fit. When I got her at the AG store on my birthday, I had to wait until the next day to open her, because I didn’t have enough money. Then that night, my grandma came over and gave me my birthday present, which had $10 in it. I was able to pay my mom for Jamie and I opened her that night.


Jamie is TM #46. She has dark brown skin, curly dark brown hair, and brown eyes. Her face mold is the Sonali face mold, which was first used in 2009.


She has a wider nose and a bigger bottom lip similar to the Addy face mold.


Her curls tend to have lots of fly-aways, that don’t seem to go to any particular curl. I’m okay with this, but others may not be.


The ends of the curls are a little messy, but I’m fine with that too.


She has a part off to the left side of her head. The curls that are on the right side always fall down in front of her face, which is why I’ve pulled them back with a bobby pin.


Her cloth color is a little orange, but she’s one of my thinnest dolls. She is also really squishy and huggable.


Her curls in the back are not as long as the ones in the front. Maybe this is from how much I’ve brushed them, I don’t know.


At her neck is really short curls. Sometimes they are hard to do, but not that bad.


Here is the unevenness of her curls.


And now I will post this picture again since I like it so much. :P

I rate Jamie 4.8 out of 5 stars. Her hair is a little hard to manage, but I’m sure any experienced doll owner could handle her. Just watch out! She may be stealing all of your other dolls’ clothes!

– American Girl Doll Artist


12 comments on “Review: TM Doll #46

  1. I got this same doll (mine is Erica Jamie) at the beginning of June, this year, and she is amazing! I know what you mean about her curls having flyways, and the bottoms being more messy, but I don’t mind it either, because it makes it seem more natural and realistic! I love her so much… Her face mold is so beautiful! I can see how her hair would be difficult to take care of, but I, personally, have curly hair, so that helps me to know how to take care if it. ;-) Btw, Jamie’s hair being shorter in the back isn’t from you brushing it, because mine came just like that. :)

    Love your blog!

  2. Oh wow! You wanted to name her Gabriella? Did American Girl see this? I read that line, tried not to spill my tea, and skipped down to the comments!
    Anyways, I’m sure this is a great review. I shall continue reading now. :-)