Sarah and Bethany’s Fashion Disaster

*Squirt squirt*

Sarah pushed down on top of the spray bottle. She covered Bethany’s hair in water.


“What are you doing to my hair?” Bethany asked.

“You’ll see!” Sarah said mysteriously. She went back to brushing Bethany’s stick-straight, blonde hair, “It’s going to be perfect!”

“Perfectly silly!” Bethany muttered.

Sarah laughed, “Maybe!”


Bethany groaned. “It is, isn’t it? Ugh! You’ll ruin my hair! Last time you got a piggy-tail holder tangled up in my hair and Spring had to almost cut it out!”

“I remember…” Sarah said, trailing off. Then she added in a sing-song voice, “I’m done!”

Bethany looked in the mirror, and then whirled around to look at Sarah.


“That bad, eh?” Sarah asked.

Bethany nodded, “Maybe you should leave the hair styling to Spring.”

“Well, what else should we do? The afternoons are so boring without everyone else here!” Sarah complained.

“Where did everyone go?” Bethany asked.

“I think they went out to eat… Darica was going to met them there.” Sarah told her.

“What?” Bethany whined, “Why didn’t we go?”

“Beats me,” Sarah shrugged. Then she glanced towards the wardrobe. “We could have a little fashion fun.”

“I don’t follow you.” Bethany replied.

Sarah sighed, then said, “We can mix and match fashions and have a fashion show! Jamie is always telling us that fashion’s an art. It can’t be that hard to design fashions, can it?”


“It can’t,” Bethany said airily, hopping up, “This sweater would go just perfect with my dress!”

“Now you’ve got it!” Sarah praised her.


“It would also match this other sweater and headband!” Sarah said, “Put these on.”

“I don’t want to wear 2 sweaters, I’ll just get this vest,” Bethany said, grabbing the clothes from Sarah’s arms and heading off to the bathroom to change.


Sarah waited impatiently outside for Bethany to make a grand entry.


“Taaaaadaaaa!” Bethany said, stepping into the room.

“Awesome!” Sarah replied, clapping,” Jamie herself would be jealous!”

“Now you need some fashionable clothes on,” Bethany demanded. She picked out a few pieces of clothing and handed them off to Sarah to change.


“How do I look?” Sarah asked. She pretended to wave to all her fans, winking and fluttering her eyelashes.

“Perfect!” Bethany shrieked, “Shirts over dresses are so ‘in’ !”

Suddenly, a ear-splitting scream rang out.


It was Jamie and Darica! They had just got back from eating lunch and Jamie was going to show Darica her clothes.

“What are you doing?” Jamie screamed. Then, without warning, she fell to the floor, unconscious.


Darica rushed to her aid. “Jamie! Jamie! Can you hear me?” She shook Jamie back and forth, trying to wake her up.


After a few moments, Jamie’s eyes fluttered open, and looked up to see Darica above her.


Jamie propped herself up and stared at Sarah and Bethany. “What are you wearing?” Jamie exclaimed, “It’s….it’s….it’s awful! It’s the worst fashion assemble in the history of… of… ME! Shirts over dresses? How ridiculous! And Bethany! Those Aztec leggings with that neon vest is too much!” Jamie looked pale. “I feel faint,” she mumbled.


Darica burst the silence with her giggles. She laughed and laughed, until tears came into her eyes.

“How can you laugh?” Jamie insisted, “This is a very serious matter!”

“Of course it is!” Darica replied, pulling herself together, “We must get these girls some appropriate clothing.”

“You go ahead. If I look at the hideous outfits one more time, I think I’ll faint again.” Jamie said, acting like a drama queen. She closed her eyes and leaned up against the wardrobe.


Darica pushed Sarah and Bethany over to the wardrobe.


After the dolls had changed clothes, Jamie opened her eyes.

“Well, how’d we do?” Sarah asked.


Jamie frowned. “The dress goes well with your eyes, but your hair is sort of blah. And I guess that shirt on Bethany is okay, but I think there’s something else more suitable she should be wearing.”


Darica rolled her eyes playfully. “You’ll never be satisfied, will you?”

“I expect perfection!” Jamie announced, leaving the room.

Bethany looked at Sarah.

“Better leave the fashion stuff to the other girls,” Sarah said.

“And the hair-styling,” Bethany added.

They burst out laughing.

Over across the street, Kanani and Isabelle were at the Patisserie.


“I think I heard a scream,” Kanani said, “Did you hear anything?”

“No, maybe it was just your imagination,” Isabelle replied.

“Maybe,” Kanani said, “I wonder what was going on!”

The End

I hope you enjoyed the photo story! Photo stories take a lot longer to make, so I can’t make them as often. :)

— American Girl Doll Artist


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