Fangirl Shopping ~ A Photostory

“Bethany, are you sure you don’t want to come with us?” Pippa asked once again. Spring, Grace and Pippa were all going shopping at the mall. They invited Bethany along, but she insisted on becoming a couch potato and eating popcorn all day.


“I’ll be fine.” Bethany shouted from the living room. “Shopping is so not for me.”


“What about you, Josefina?” Grace shouted towards the kitchen. Only the sound of pots and pans could be heard. Grace grimaced. She was hoping Josefina wouldn’t be cooking chili bean soup, it always upset her stomach.


“Come on, Grace. Let’s go or we will, as Jessica says, ‘Miss ALL of the good sales!’.” Spring tugged on Grace’s shirt. Pippa laughed.

“Alrighty! Bye, girls!” Grace shut the door behind her.

The mall was only a few blocks away and the girls were there in no time. They walked single file down the narrow walkways.

“Ooh, we should all go to the salon.” Grace suggested.


Spring stopped and turned around. “I don’t know, it looks pretty crowded. What do you think, Pippa.”

Pippa shifted her feet uncomfortably. She didn’t like being the center of attention. “Well, um… I’m sure there are lots of other stores to go to… I don’t think we should spend our time waiting forever.”


“Ok!” Grace agreed. “I’m sure there are lots of other fun stores too. I’ve only been to this mall twice.”

They continued walking. Next to the salon was a shoe store. “Boring.” Spring muttered, giggling. “I’ll bet Jessica’s already been there three times today.”


Her sisters laughed too. Then Pippa shrieked. It was a quiet-ish shriek, but a pretty loud one nonetheless. “Star Wars!” She ran forward, grabbing Spring’s hand, who snatched up Grace’s hand as they rushed towards the small store before them.


“YAY! Star Wars merchandise!” Grace cried happily.

“Next time…” Spring puffed. “Tell us where you’re going before you run. We could have run over someone at the pace you were going.” But Pippa was in La La Land, too excited to hear.


“EEK!” Pippa exclaimed. “Look at all this treasure.”


The girls rushed over to the shelves stocked with toys. Spring picked up a replica lightsaber hilt. Grace held up a Chewbacca plush. “Look at this, isn’t he adorable!”


“Cute!” Pippa gushed. “You should totally get that for Lea. She loves Star Wars too.”

“Ok.” Grace replied, tucked the plush walking carpet under her arm.

“Are there any more like him?” Spring asked.


“Yeah, there are tons in that bin over there.” Grace pointed to a woven basket in the corner and Pippa practically dove into it.



“BB-8, BB-8, BB-8…” Pippa repeated over and over, hoping to find a BB-8 plush at the bottom of the bin.

“Don’t fall in, Pip.” Spring advised.

Pippa triumphantly pulled BB-8 out of the bin. “Ta-da!”


Then she gave him a hug. “He has to come home with me.” She announced.


“Well, we’d better check out before we buy the whole store.” Grace smiled. They all laughed. Spring decided not to buy anything because she was saving up for an American Girl doll.

When they returned home, Spring collapsed on the daybed. “Shopping is tiring.”

Pippa grinned. “And Jessica still isn’t home yet.”


“She’ll probably show up around dinner time with 12 bags of stuff.” Grace added.

“Who’s hungry for chili bean soup tonight?” A voice floated from the kitchen.


Grace groaned and held her stomach “Maybe we could just eat out tonight…”

~ Catlover02 =^-^=


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  1. I love it! Where did you find doll sided BB-8 and the other Star Wars characters ?! I just finished watching Star Wars the first and the second, and I planning on watching the all this week! I’m now kind of a Star Wars fan!

  2. Hi Catlover02! I’m new to the blog but I love your and American Doll Artist’s work, in fact I am totally fan girling right now! i just discovered a love for Star Wars and this post is awesome! I hope to comment more so don’t be surprised if you see me pop up again! Thank you for all your awesome posts! – DisneyandAGFan1
    P.S.( R2 – D2 is my favorite droid!)
    P.S.S( No offense Pippa!)