It was a Cold and Muddy Day… Part 1

All of my dolls were sitting on the bed, cuddling with their furry friends. Except Bethany. She’d left for a soccer game an hour before. Spring tried to tell it wasn’t really ‘shorts’ weather, but she went anyway.


Tutu was nice and warm snuggling up against Jessica. Inkpot liked staring deep into Josefina’s eyes. Coconut was busy leaning against Spring trying to sleep.


Tutu started purring and then the door opened and slammed. Somebody muddy and wet entered.


“Hi guys!” Bethany said, holding her muddy soccer shoes.


“Uh, hi Bethany, how was the game?” Spring asked. Bethany smiled and dropped her shoes on the floor.


Josefina peered over the side of the bed. She did not like mud on the floor; and she especially didn’t like mud on the floor she had just cleaned. “Bethany, please pick up your shoes.” She said, pointing.


“Ok, after I show you something.” Bethany said, grinning. She pulled out a red and pink macaroon. Angelic music filled the room. Jessica gasped. Tutu leaped for joy.


“Is that… a… Grace Thomas macaroon? Is she here? Can I meet her? I really want to see her clothes.” Jessica burst out. Bethany smiled and ate the whole thing. Jessica frowned.

“Don’t worry, she gave me a whole box and no, she’s not here. Although I know where she’s staying.” Bethany said, after she finished chewing but Jessica had already hurried into to the kitchen to see.

Spring sighed. “I wish I could have seen her. Anyway, how was your soccer game?”

“Muddy, really muddy, and fun. Oh, and if you want to see her so bad, here’s her apartment address.” Bethany said, putting a piece of paper on the dresser.

Spring eyes lit up and she pulled on her coat, ready to go anyplace that Grace would be. She couldn’t wait to find her.

– Catlover02


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