Jessica goes to the Mall

“Hey, everyone, I going to the mall. Does anyone want to come with me?” Jessica asked, one morning.

“Oh, I do! Pink is out. I NEED some blue clothes, pronto!” Bethany said.

“Uh, yeah, right. Ok, anyone else?” Jessica asked, looking at Josefina.

“Don’t look at me, my clothes look just fine, right Praline?”

“Meow!” Praline agreed.


Bethany looked at Spring, who was playing with her toy animals. ” Spring, do you want to come to the mall with us?” she asked.

Spring was too busy playing.

“Come on, Bethany, let’s go.” Jessica hurried out the door with Bethany not to close behind. ”

“Bye-bye, Josefina!” Bethany called.


“Hey, guys! If you find any pet collars, tell me!” Josefina called out the door, but they were too far away to hear. ” Josefina went back inside.

After a few hours, Spring got tired of playing and finally noticed that Jessica and Bethany were not there.

She started to shriek. ” What happened to Jessica and Bethany, were they kidnapped, stolen, call 911! Call the police.”


“Uh, Spring, 911 is the police.” Josefina said, ” And anyway, they went to the-”

Ding-Dong. Coconut started barking furiously.

“I’ll get it!” Josefina said, racing to the door. ” Oh, hi guys.” It was Jessica and Bethany.

“Look, everyone, I’m wearing blue!” Bethany announced, modeling her new blue shirt.

“Cool shirt!” Josefina gushed over it. “I love the color and the style.”

“Oh, I’m so glad your back! Did the kidnappers give you up, or did you fight your way out of the runaway car?” Spring said and hugged them both.

“Huh?” Bethany gave her a confused face.

Josefina started to laugh and tipped over. Then Jessica and Bethany joined in too. Spring watched them.

“What are you all laughing about?” Spring asked them, “Was is something I said?”

The End.