Jessica’s Hot Chocolate Stand

“Hot chocolate for sale! Hot chocolate for sale!” Jessica called. She was running a hot chocolate booth. So far, no customers had come, and Jessica was getting bored.


Suddenly, she saw Kaya coming towards her! “Maybe she wants hot chocolate!” Jessica thought.


“Um, hi!” said Kaya. “What are you selling today, Jessica?”


“Hot chocolate.” Jessica replied.

“Do you have any water?” Kaya asked. “I don’t like hot chocolate.”

“Sorry, I don’t.” Jessica said, “Don’t you want to try some hot chocolate?”

“Um, I have to go,” said Kaya.


“What?” Jessica cried. “I just lost the first customer I had.” She sighed. “Oh well, maybe someone else will come along.”


Then, Bethany came over.


“I’ll have some hot chocolate with some whipped cream,” she said.


“Great,” said Jessica, “That’ll be 5 dollars with 3 extra for whipped cream.”

“Wait a minute!” Bethany paused, “3 dollars for whipped cream? That’s outrageous!”

“Well, I’m trying to make some money! I blew my whole allowance on supplies!” Jessica pouted.

“Sorry, Jessica, I love you, but I don’t want to buy an outrageously priced hot chocolate,” Bethany said, “I can just buy one at the store for $2.”


“This is ridiculous!” Jessica shouted, “I quit!”

“Sorry!’ Bethany said, but Jessica had already run off.

At home, Spring was playing on the bed with her snow globe when Jessica burst in.


“Hey, Jessica!” Spring said, “What’s wrong?”

Jessica told her the whole story.

“Well, would you buy a hot chocolate for $8?” Spring asked.

“Actually, no.” Jessica sighed, “I get the point.”


“Hey, why don’t we go have some hot chocolate now? I still have the left over ingredients from my stand!” Jessica suggested.

“Sounds good!” Spring said, following Jessica into the kitchen.


– American Girl Doll Artist 🙂

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