On the Loose


I sighed. Walking the dogs was not what I had in mind this afternoon. Actually, I was going to go shopping. I remembered what Spring had told me before I left the house.

“Stay on the sidewalk and you’ll be fine.” she’d said.

“Ha!” I had replied, “That’s simple.”


Turns out, simple meant boring. I yawned as I walked. Then for some reason, the puppies started to walk faster.  “Hey, slow down!” I yelped, but they kept picking up the pace. As we turned around the corner, Coconut gave a big, “WOOF” and they all took off running.


I tried to keep up, really, I did! But they were going too fast and the leashes began slipping out of my hands. Soon enough, they were all running along the sidewalk and around the next bend with their leashes trailing behind them.


I stood frozen in shock. What just happened? Did all of the puppies really just run away?  I let out a deep breath to calm myself, but a tear fell down my cheek.

I began thinking of what could happen to them. They could get run over by a train or get eaten by rattlesnakes! Or hit by a car! Those were so many dangers so I had to find them fast.

Something soft touched my leg.


Coconut was still here! I sank down in relief and hugged her.

“Now, where did those other puppies go?” I thought aloud. Coconut’s face lit up, she put her black nose to the ground and sniffed. She was following the scent of Bonbon and Jade!


We kept going, even though Coconut seemed to have lost their trail, she soon picked it up again and we were off.

Then I heard barking, and Coconut rushed towards the sound. I followed, and found Bonbon and Jade in a shallow stone pit.


I helped them out and hugged them both. Everyone was safe.


Then I gave Coconut another hug. A super-happy-that-your-my-puppy-hug.


“Whew!” I told them.” Are you ready to go home?”

They all barked happily.



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