Pennies for Parents – A Photostory

Jessica nice and cozy on the couch, lazily wasting the afternoon away, when the doorbell rang.


“I’ll get it!” She hollered, before any of her sisters could get up. Jessica liked being the first to know things. And right then, she hadn’t a clue who was at the door.


Jessica shuffled over to the door and turned the knob.


At the doorway stood a little girl, about 5 or 6, holding a purse. Her large blue eyes looked up innocently at the older girl.


“Uh, hi?” Jessica was at a loss for words. “What are you doing here?” It sounded really rude, but the girl didn’t seem to notice.


“My name’s Camille. I’m trying to find where to go to buy families.” The girl answered. She was still staring at Jessica, and it was making Jessica feel a little uncomfortable. She wasn’t real good around little kids. Camille started opening her purse. “I have two pieces of money. Is that enough?”


Jessica suddenly remembered that Amaya was good with children. This was getting reeeeally awkward. “Hold on a second, kid.” Jessica stepped away from the door. “AMAYA!” She shouted.


Amaya came running. “Is the house on fire?”

Jessica snorted. “No. There’s someone at the door.”


Amaya peeked out a crack in the door, where Camille was waiting. Jessica was whispering rapidly. “I think that girl is crazy. She said she’s trying to buy a family and, I don’t know. Something just feels weird.”


“Maybe she’s homeless, or something like that.” Amaya said thoughtfully. “Why don’t I let her in and ask her where she lives.”


Although Jessica did not approve, Amaya did just that, and Camille brightened. “The lady that lives next to you let me sleep at her house last night.” Camille twirled around. “She gave me some new clothes and boots. Aren’t they pretty?”


Amaya nodded enthusiastically. “Yes, yes. But I mean, do you live anywhere? Like, with a mommy and a daddy?”


“No.” Camille’s face saddened a bit, but then she smiled. “That’s why I’m trying to buy some!”


“Uh, right.” Amaya agreed, then she looked over at Jessica and took a deep breath. “Well, why don’t you live here?”


“WHAT?” Jessica shrieked as Camille jumped up and down and flung her little arms around Amaya. Jessica looked bewildered. This was unexpected. What in the world would Mom say?pennies-15

“You’re gonna’ have to get Mom’s approval, y’know.” Jessica informed Amaya. ‘After all.’ Jessica thought, ‘You can’t just invite a little girl into the house. She could be… a Russian spy or something, endangering the whole household!’

“I’ll ask her, but I’m sure she’ll side with me.” Amaya replied confidently, “C’mon, Camille, let’s so into the living room and sit down.”

“Ok!” Camille chirped, skipping farther into the house.


Bethany had taken Jessica’s spot on the couch and looked wonderingly at Camille as she came in.

“Who’s the pipsqueak?” Bethany paused to put more popcorn in her mouth. “Are you babysitting and didn’t tell me?”


Amaya put her hand on Camille shoulder. “She’s staying with us.”

Bethany choked on her popcorn. “Wait, what?”


Amaya started to speak, but Jessica cut her off, “It’s not official yet. Amaya still has to ask Mom.”


Bethany faked a laugh. “It’s pretty much official. You know she can’t resist homeless little girls, right? Even more than free kittens.”

“Told ya.” Amaya pointed at Jessica.

Jessica sighed. “Yes, you told me.” She started walking towards the bedroom. “But I’m going to be putting all of my breakables somewhere high up. You never know what trouble she could get herself into.”

Amaya sighed happily. “She won’t be any trouble at all.” But in her mind, she added, ‘At least I hope not.’

The End

Yes, you read right! I bought a Wellie Wisher. I just had to un-convince myself that I didn’t like them. When I heard the Wellie Wishers were coming out, I had my mind set against liking them. But when they were eventually released… I thought Camille was just too cute. ☺ I couldn’t resist her chubby little face when I went to the AG store…. She just begging to taken home. 😇

Her profile will be up soon!💖👩🏼

– Catlover02 💗


35 comments on “Pennies for Parents – A Photostory

  1. Camille is so cute! And I love this photo story, Catlover02! Your dolls are so funny. 😄 I had my mind set against liking the Wellie Wishers, too, but so many bloggers have bought them and now they’re growing on me… :o Must resist! 😄
    Once again, adorable post! Camille is just the cutest. 😄

  2. Camille is adorable!!!! I love your photo story!! And all of your dolls!!! I, too, was telling myself not to like the Wellie Wishers, but they are starting to grow on me, but I keep telling myself that I do not have the money to buy one right now!!!! As I said before, loved this post!!!!! Camille is too cute to resist!!!

  3. Oh my goodness. That Wellie is SO cute. Everyone said Camille was boring, but I liked her best. The way you did her hair just brightened her up completely!
    Congrats on your newest edition.

  4. So cool!!!!!!!! She is SO CUTE! When I just found out that they herd that the WW where coming out I was like “I can’t stand them”! But now they are kind of cute. :P ;)

  5. Aww! This is so cute! I like it a lot! Is it awkward at all playing with Camille? Because it seems like she has more plastic features than the other dolls.

  6. Awww, that was so cute! Ok, I like wellie wishers a whole lot more now. You won me over.😝 I also, thought it was funny when Bethany started choking on her popcorn.😉 Oh, and I just got a new doll myself, I GOT LEA FOR MY BIRTHDAY! Sorry, I’m just so happy.