Review: Salon Chair & Wrap Set

When my grandparent’s gifted my sister and I the Salon Chair and Wrap Set, I was very excited! When we opened it I knew it would be a great addition to our dolls’ bathroom, for we had never had a doll salon chair before. :)

It is now one of my favorite pieces in our dolls’ house. :) So today I’m going to be giving you all a review of the set.


Jessica will be my helper today. ;)

The Salon Chair and Wrap Set costs $60, and comes with a salon chair, and a wrap, flip-flops, and a headband for dolls.

I will start off with the wrap.


The wrap is made of the same material as a towel, so it’s perfect for dolls to dry off with. I love the adorable heart print! The arm straps are made of stretchy material so it’s not hard to get it on and off the doll. Up by the neck there is a little bow attached to the seam. Oddly enough the bow looks like the one Hello Kitty wears. XD


The wrap from the back.


The wrap closes in the front with Velcro.


The headband is made from the same material as the arm straps. It’s extremely easy to put on the doll, and fits very well. :)


Next, we have the flip-flops. They are the normal AG flip-flops, but in pink.


They stay on the doll’s feet with elastic in the back.

As you can see, Jessica is not perfectly stable with these shoes on. With our set, the flip-flops rise up in the middle of the sole, making the edges off the ground, and hard for Jessica to stand. She tends to lean forward or backward, which could turn into her falling.


Now we have the salon chair itself. Most of it is made of sturdy plastic.


The cushions are plastic as well, but hollow. If you press down on them, they will bend a bit. I like how they are not too squishy; they look comfy, but are able to hold the doll in place.


Here is the seat from the side.


The straps also help with holding the doll in place. :) They fit just perfectly around the doll – not too tight, and not too loose.


They close with Velcro in the front.


Underneath the seat is a little lever, just like on real salon chairs. If you press it..


..the seat will rise, making it easier for you to style your doll’s hair. :)

To lower the chair you press the lever up, and push the seat down.


The bright pink base of the chair has a rubber cover and a small lever. If you turn it…


…it will create a suction, helping the chair stay on the floor.

The chair’s suction doesn’t work very often, probably 2/5 times. That’s okay – we are using our chair more for looks then actually styling dolls’ hair with it. Besides, the chair is still fairly heavy and stays on the floor well, so even if you do style hair with it, it shouldn’t be too big of a problem. ;)


All in all, I rate the Salon Chair and Wrap Set 4.8 stars out of 5. It has great play value, super cute details, and is worth the $60. :) It would be a great addition to anyone’s dollhouse. :D

What’s your favorite AG salon set?

– American Girl Doll Artist


16 comments on “Review: Salon Chair & Wrap Set

  1. My favorite AG salon set is the blue hairstyling caddy-it looks so cute and fun! Can you review it next please? And can Catlover02 review the outfits she got for Camille? Thank you, and merry Christmas! 🎄🎁 😄

  2. this was a great post! I have the bath wrap too, it’s the old one though, so it’s different a color, and the headband is made of the same fabric as the wrap, and the slippers are fuzzy. Again, this was a great review. My favorite salon set? I think I like the styling caddy.
    ~Katherine 🌻

  3. What a wonderful review! Now that I think of it, I had an 18 inch doll salon chair, but that was a REALLY long time ago, and it wasn’t American Girl. It must have been one of those knockoffs that you get at places like Walmart. Oh, and I have a question maybe you could help me with. When I was younger, probably sometime around 2010-2011, I had 4 18 inch dolls that I got from Michael’s. They were just like AG dolls, and had the same eyes and bodies AG dolls have. Do you have any idea what doll brand! it might have been? Thanks. Oh, and, I love your blog !

  4. Once again, I was scrolling through my reader just now, figuring out which posts I wanted to take the time to read and comment on, and I just couldn’t pass up this one! Your photography never fails to leave me breathless, and your posts are always so well thought-out – this one in particular is super informative! Your reviews are awesome. I love how all of your posts are so professional but you don’t act like a snob at all! You’re so kind and funny. I love your personality. XD

    Jessica is such a cutie, and this set looks amazing! I had an Our Generation salon chair once and loved it, but gave it to my friend this year for her birthday. I never really used it and never made a hair salon stopmotion with it like I had planned… :P I personally find it easier to style my dolls’ hair with her situated between my knees.