Sugar Cookies – A Photostory

“AAUGH!” Jessica shrieked. She flicked her mechanical pencil off the desk and it rolled under the bed. “These math problems are horrible! They are turning my mind to mush!”


Grace came running into the bedroom. “What?”

“These math problems! Who do they think I am, a genius?” Jessica held up her math paper for Grace to look at. Grace looked it over.


“But all you have to do is multiply.” She said.


Jessica blinked. “Multiply?” Grace nodded. Jessica gave her an exasperated sigh and banged her head against the desk. Grace smiled.


“I have something we can do to take your mind off your schoolwork.” She said. Jessica was silent. “It’s really fun…” She added.


Jessica suddenly sat up. “Fun? What is it?”


“You’ll have to see.” Grace said mysteriously, walking toward the hallway.


Jessica looked suspicious, so Grace laughed. “I’m serious. I promise we aren’t going to be doing anything dangerous.” So Jessica followed her into the kitchen.


“Ta-da!” She said.

“O-K.” Jessica said slowly. Baking wasn’t her idea of fun. “What exactly are you making?” She sniffed the mixture. It smelled pretty mouth-watering.


“I was making some sugar cookies.” Grace said. “We can pretend we are famous bakers.” She shoved the wooden spoon into Jessica’s palm and opened up the cookbook. “I’ve already started mixing the dough, so now we need to put it on the pan.”


Grace and Jessica put the dough into balls, then spread it out on the pan in the shape of a flower. Being the dramatic girl she is, Jessica insisted she use a spoon and not get her hands dirty.


Pretty soon, they had 6 unbaked cookies on the pan, and into the oven they went. Jessica picked up the flour that was spilling all over the table. “My friend, our baking table is a mess, is it not?”

Grace nodded. “Very messy, chef.” They began to pick up all the spilled sugar and eggshells.

There was about 1 minute left when Grace suddenly cried out. “Oh-no! The cookie monster has come to take away our masterpiece.”


Jessica looked up. “Cookie monster? What are you talking -”

“What are you making, girls?” Spring demanded playfully. Jessica leaped in front of the mixer and Grace did the same in front of the oven, to give the idea they weren’t doing anything at all.


“We don’t have any cookies.” Jessica said. Grace groaned inwardly. Jessica was terrible at hiding things.

Spring eyed her. “It sure doesn’t smell like you weren’t making cookies.” Just then the oven beeped. Spring peeked past Grace and into the oven. “Ah-HA! Cookies! Sugar!” Jade rushed around Grace’s legs trying to be chaotic.


“Grace! Don’t give them to her!” Jessica pleaded trying to keep from laughing at Spring’s act.

“Stop in the name of innocent cookies.” Grace commanded.

Jessica tackled Spring onto the ground, laughing and trying to be serious at the same time. Grace used that diversion to take the cookies out of the oven before they got burnt.


Both girls got up when they heard to oven door slam shut. “Well, do I have any volunteers to frost these beautiful cookies?” Grace asked. Spring and Jessica both raised their hand. DSC_8180

Grace gave them both icing bags and 3 different icing colors. They were both very good at frosting the cookies and they turned out great.


“Our cookies are a success.” Jessica said, biting into a yellow flower.

Spring took a bite of her pink flower. “By the way, Jessica. How’s your math going?”


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25 comments on “Sugar Cookies – A Photostory

  1. Great story and fabulous looking cookies!
    Hmmm, baking is a great place to work on math, especially fractions. For instance, each girl enjoyed 1/3 of the cookies that were baked. ;-)