There’s More to Come – FINALE

Before on: There’s More to Come

Renae’s eyes widened and she took a quick guilty glance at Vanessa, who mouthed, ‘No’, back to her.

It seemed too quick to be noticeable, but Grace was watching them closely and she called them out on it. “Ok, what are you two up to now?”


“W-w-why would you say that?” Renae stuttered, obviously hiding something. It was in the way she held her hands behind her back, and glanced at Vanessa.

Vanessa glared and hissed at Renae, “You just let out the most valuable secret this agency has ever needed to protect.”

“I’m sorry!” Renae whisper-wailed, “I forgot.”

“Excuse me for saying so, but you know we can hear you, right?” Winnie cut in. Grace and Jessica nodded.

The two girls straightened. “Yep. Of course. Definitely.”

“Uh, huh. I don’t believe you for a second.” Jessica replied. “You’re hiding something from us, and I think I know just what it is.” She paused for effect. “Is it, another sister?”

Another glare from Vanessa confirmed Jessica’s assumptions.

Grace sighed. “What are we going to do with you two?” She paced around the room. “You can’t hide stuff like that from us.”

Renae hung her head. “I just wanted you all the be surprised, that’s all.”

“Yeah.” Vanessa agreed. “I didn’t think you’d care. Besides, the new girl’s supposed to be here today, and you’d have known anyway. Buuut, thanks to this girl blabbing secrets…” She jerked her head at Renae, who blushed furiously. “You already know. So there.”

“Wait, wait, wait, wait… She’s coming today!?” Jessica panicked. “Okay, now this really is a hair disaster! Winnie! How does my hair look?!”

“Like a car ran over it and then you washed it in olive oil.” Winnie replied.

Jessica’s stared at a lock of hair that had fallen from her bun with disgust. “Really?”

“Nah, I’m just kidding, darling.” Winnie laughed. “Keep it the way it is, and you’ll be fine.” Jessica let out a huge sigh of relief.

“So….” Grace began. “When is she coming? At a certain time?”

“She should be here this afternoon.” Renae said. “Or that’s what I read in Mom’s emails.”

“Wait, you read her emails!?” Grace shrieked. “You really don’t give her any privacy, do you?” Renae and Vanessa nodded smugly. Grace sighed. “So what’s the new girl like?”

Renae eyes sparkled eagerly. “She’s some super cute chub Hawaiian girl. I can’t wait to meet her!”

“Yeah. What she said.” Vanessa agreed. “Especially the part about her being cute. She’s got the chubbiest cheeks ever.”

“Wonderful.” Grace said. “Will she be here soon?”

“Yeah, I’m wondering the same thing.” Winnie said. “I want to have time to touch up my make-up.”

Just then the Imperial March played throughout the house. Renae and Vanessa giggled hysterically.

“Did you change the doorbell to that?” Jessica asked in a horrified tone.

Renae grinned, “It was my idea, but Vanessa programmed it.”

They all stood there, listening to the song play out until Winnie cleared her throat and looked over at the door. “Well, that probably means she’s here. Unless you guys have someone else coming over.”

“Oh, yeah! I’ll go get it!” Vanessa cried, with Renae, Grace, Jessica and Winnie scrambling behind her.

They opened the door, all of them smiling widely.

And there was no one there.

“No one?” Winnie was the first to speak. The rest of the girls stood at the door in silence. “But we all heard the doorbell ring, right?”

This comment was met with vigorous nods of agreement.

“Well, then where could she…” Winnie trailed off. The sound of a dog panting became closer and closer, and suddenly, a shaggy gray dog burst out from behind the corner of the house.

Trailing behind it was a breathless, gorgeous girl, with dark brunette waves cascading over her shoulders.

“I’m…Oh, Mele…… Wait…” She bent down to catch her breath. Inhaling deeply, she stood up straight, dusted herself off and glared down at the dog, whose dark eyes were twinkling with mischief. “I’m sorry. She’s got no training whatsoever…”

She stopped swiping at the dirt on her shirt, and looked up. “What’s wrong?”

The girl’s innocent question brought the staring sisters back to reality. Vanessa stepped forward and answered, “Nothing. We were just…. not expecting you to come around the corner like that.”

“Oh, I’m sorry.” Her blushing was evident, even beneath her smooth tan skin. “Mele can get away from me sometimes. It’s really not her fault.”

“Well, I certainly know a dog like that.” Jessica muttered, nodding her head in Grace’s direction.

Grace caught what Jessica was implying. “Bonbon’s an angel.” She insisted. Jessica rolled her eyes as Grace turned to the girl. “So…. You’re living here, right?” She stuck out her hand. “I’m Grace.” She pointed to the other girls in order. “That’s Winnie, Jessica, Vanessa and Renae.”


The girl stared at Grace’s outstretched hand for a second before taking it in her own. “I’m Nanea.” She smiled shyly. “I was told you guys were my sisters.”

“Yes!” Grace confirmed. She noticed Nanea was nervously pulling at her seashell necklace. “You’ve got such pretty eyes, Nanea.”


Nanea’s face lit up at the compliment, and she smiled a bit more confidently. “Thank you.” She peered behind Grace and in a confused voice, asked, “Is this all of you? I thought there would be more.”

Winnie cleared her throat, “I don’t actually know. I’m new here as well, so I still have yet to meet everyone.” She strolled over, took Nanea’s hand in her own and looked expectantly at the other girls. “So can we have a tour?”


“Of course!” Vanessa said. “Follow me, girls!” She led them all indoors, parading in a long line, with the Mele barking after them. They stopped in front of their room and Vanessa shouted, “Attention, everyone! Two new sisters are here to meet you, and I would prefer you do it without a mouth full of cereal!” She paused for a moment before adding, “I mean you, Bethany!”


There was a long length of deafening silence before the household was alive with scurrying feet and excited voices. The first to arrive on the scene was Amaya, who’s fluffy hair was bouncing all over as she hopped in place.

“Oh my goodness, this is so exciting!” She squealed, rushing over to bury both girls in an enormous hug.


“I’m Amaya.” She looked at both girls up and down and turned to Winnie, “And I love, love, love your hair!”


“Thanks!” Winnie replied.

Pretty soon the whole family was gathered in the doll’s house, ready to meet the new additions.

“Ok!” Vanessa stepped up, ready to begin the introductions. “Many of you probably weren’t expecting to get a new sister today, let alone two. But here we are.” She smiled at Winnie and Nanea before going on. “First, we have Winnie, who was recently dumped by her orphanage–”


“Hey, I wasn’t dumped!” Winnie spoke up quickly. “I was just getting too old, is all. I probably had more than 5 months left.”

“Yes, okay.” Vanessa continued. “Winnie’s time at the orphanage was almost up, so she got in touch with Jessica, and Jessica got Mom to adopt her.”

Winnie nodded, so Vanessa went and turned to Nanea. “Now, I haven’t heard from Nanea about why she’s here, but I’m sure it’s for a very good reason.”


Nanea gave a half-smile. “I, uh.. I was actually supposed to be here a few months before, but the adoption papers took forever, so there was kind of a delay…” She glanced at Vanessa, who gave her an encouraging smile. “Anyway, after all that was finished, I was finally allowed to travel here from Hawaii.” She let out a breath. “I’m glad the wait was worth it.”

There was a chorus of “Awwww..” from the group, before Winnie and Nanea were both pulled into a group hug.

“Ah, I’m squished!” Nanea squealed, being the one in the direct center of the hug.

But one thing was for sure.

It felt good to be loved. ❤️





The End.

I have had these pictures for months, y’all. MONTHS. And am just now editing them.


Anyway, Nanea is so, so fun to photograph. I recommend her for any doll collectors who love doing different hairstyles because her hair is just 👌🏻😱!





So photogenic as well. 😍

Her profile will be up on the “Meet the Dolls” page soon.

– Catlover02



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  1. Aww. Nanea is so cute!! I used to be really bothered by her face mold and the fact that there was already a doll from the same era before her, but when I saw the photos at the end I fell in love! I do love doing hairstyles on my dolls, so she would be great! Talking about great, Winnie and Nanea are GREAT additions to your doll family!

    • Yeah, I agree. At first, I was sceptical when they first revealed her on Valentine’s Day, but I eventually grew to love her and her unique features! ❤️ That’s great! Thank you!

  2. I love Nanea now! I wasn’t going to get her because of one of the pictures of her, but maybe now. I really liked the story.
    I’m glad the wait was worth it