There’s More to Come – Part 4

When Grace arrived downstairs, she was immediately met by Vanessa and Renae, both peering out from behind the corner, hoping to catch a snippet of juicy conversation between Jessica and Winnie.

TMTC - Part 3

Renae looked at Grace tentatively. “Please don’t go in there and cause a racket. They’re getting into some good topics.”

Grace smiled. “No, I’m fine with her now. I was being kind of self-centered.”

TMTC - Part 3-2

“I’ll say.” Renae muttered. Grace heard her and playfully shoved her arm.

TMTC - Part 3-3

It wasn’t that rough, but Renae was caught off-balance and she tumbled right into the open – where Jessica and Winnie could see her.

TMTC - Part 3-4

Jessica crossed her arms and Winnie glared. “I don’t think I even want to know what you were doing behind that corner, and don’t think I can’t see the other two peanuts who are still hiding.”

Vanessa and Grace scuttled out of their hiding place and both were laser focused on the ground, guilt written all over their faces.

TMTC - Part 3-5

“What have I told you about invading in my personal business?” Jessica grumbled. “We were supposed to be talking privately.”

Renae stood silently, so Vanessa spoke up. “We only wanted to see our new sister.”

TMTC - Part 3-6

Jessica gasped. “How do you know that?!” Then she quickly shook her head and let out a nervous laugh. “I mean, where did you get that idea? She’s just here to fix my hair.”

“Are you kidding? She didn’t even bring any hair styling tools.” Grace observed.


Jessica whipped her head around to Winnie, who shrugged. Jessica let out a deep breath. “Okay, fine. She is your new sister. I was going to introduce her to everyone this evening, but I guess I’ll just start with you guys, since you’re here already.”

Part 4 a ahe he ... I'm lazy

“So, Winnie and I were BFF’s for a long time when we were little. And when I got adopted, I lost contact with her. Then one day, out of the blue, she found my number and called me in desperate need of a home, before the orphanage kicked her out.”

Jessica smiled. “And of course, my soft heart knew that I should invite Winnie to live here. Even Mom agreed.”

Winnie spoke up suddenly. “Uh, huh, right. I believe it took about 3 days of begging to convince your ‘soft heart’ to let me stay.”

Part 4 a ahe he ... I'm lazy-2


Jessica gasped, the sarcasm clear in her voice. “Why, Winnie! You offend me. I had to get the ‘okay’ from Mom before I agreed to anything.”

“I know.” Winnie smiled. “Go on.”

“After I told Mom everything, she adopted Winnie and flew her out to our house! And here she is!” Jessica finished. She looked around.

Part 4 a ahe he ... I'm lazy-3

Grace smiled at Winnie. “And you’re going to live here, right?”

“Uh, obviously.” Winnie replied. She peered at the doll’s house. “It’s pretty small, if you ask me.”

Part 4 a ahe he ... I'm lazy-4

Renae dismissed the thought. “There’s plenty of room for 13 girls here.”

“Don’t you mean 12 girls? There’s only 12 of us.” Grace reminded her.

Renae’s eyes widened and she took a quick guilty glance at Vanessa, who mouthed, ‘No’, back to her.

Part 4 a ahe he ... I'm lazy-5

It seemed too quick to be noticeable, but Grace was watching them closely and she called them out on it. “Ok, what are you two up to now?”

Part 4 a ahe he ... I'm lazy-6

Uh oh, detective Grace is on the case… 😂

So, um, a quick story about the delay on this photo series… I completely forgot about it until one night I was thinking the day over and remembered that I hadn’t posted the next part. He he.. ☹️ *nervous coughing*

Also, a newer doll company asked me to take some photos for them! (It wasn’t AG, btw, but I got paid! 🤑) They sent the dolls and everything, and it’s kept me pretty busy. The theme of the company is girl empowerment and I had a lot of fun setting up scenes I had never even thought of otherwise! :)

– Catlover02

P.S. If you haven’t seen it already, AGdollartist and I did a “Dress your Doll Blindfolded” challenge, and it’s up on our YouTube channel. Here’s the link if you want to go check it out! ➡️ Click here to go to the Smalldollsinabigworld YouTube channel!


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