Josefina makes Donuts

Hello, Josefina here. Today, I found a recipe called, The World-Famous Chocolate Donut. I liked the name and decided to check it out to see if it was really as famous as it claimed to be. As I was trying to put on my apron, Tutu kept jumping up at my legs, like she wanted to help too. RSCN2552 I let her help, of course, but what could she do anyway? I got out all the ingredients to make the donut. Tutu dragged the Pet Food container over. Maybe she thought it looked like an ingredient that I needed. That, or she was just hungry.DSCN2548 I mixed up all the ingredients and put it in the oven.  Then I fed Tutu and read half of a book before the timer went off. When I entered the kitchen, I could already smell the donut. Now, don’t ask me why, but the recipe only made one donut. I would have quadrupled it, but I have a tendency to burn things and I didn’t want to ruin a whole batch of donuts. I got the donut out and frosted it with some pink frosting and pink ball sprinkles. My mouth was watering as I set it on a napkin. Even Tutu stared at it in wonder. Then who should come in but Jessica? She asked if she could have the donut, ( She thought I made a lot of them.) and I, being the nice sister I am, gave her the one and only donut. DSCN2550 When she left, I sat down on the floor and looked at Tutu. “Well,” I said, “I can always make some more!”DSCN2551 Tutu acted like she understood and got out the ingredients I had put away. Then I started on the second donut. Thanks for reading! -Josefina, Tutu and Catlover02


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