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Josefina has never really had a personality. I never have noticed her very much. She seemed out of place in my modern doll household. Finally, I have found it out. I did a small (and I mean, small) photo-shoot with her.





I love her gold hoop earrings. At first, I was a little disappointed that they weren’t removable, but I got over it, and now, I can’t imagine her without them.



I kept her cute little primroses from getting lost, but her blue ribbon was not so fortunate.




Of course, she had to climb the tree. Josefina wanted me to take a picture.

Josefina’s Favorites:

Food: Fresh bread or chili tacos

Colors: Red, Blue and Orange

Animal: Goat

Outfit: Josefina’s Feast Outfit

Allergies: None

Movie: She doesn’t watch movies

Hobby: Baking bread, playing with Sombrita

That’s about it! She is my only historical character. She is also so excited for-

Mommy, I want to tell them.

Huh? Oh, sure!

I am so excited for my new doll and my new books and my new outfits and my new-

Josefina, I think you said enough….

Oh, yeah. Well, I so excited that my whole collection will be refreshed in August! Bye!

Yep, she is super happy that she is finally getting something new. American Girl doesn’t really pay attention to her, and last year, rumor had it that she was going to be archived! I certainly glad that’s not true!

-Josefina and Catlover02

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5 comments on “Josefina’s Profile

  1. I’m glad you did a profile on her! I have josefina because my cousin grew out of dolls and gave her to me! My Josie has longer hair though, its as long as kanani’s.

  2. REALLY!?!!!! Is that true??!?!!! I’m SO excited!! Can’t wait to see her new stuff!!!!:D
    BTW, I’m Lainey and I have 5 AG dolls: Molly, Saige, Adyson(MAG 44), Josefina, and Caroline!:)
    I will definitely be coming back to your site!!:D