Hawaiian Flowers

Words and pictures cannot show or tell how much beauty Kanani has. I love her hair, her face, her jewel-like eyes, and blue sundress. I think she looks really pretty by the blue backdrop!



She is so pretty!


Ah, the dress. If only I had one my size!  I am just bummed that I missed her whole collection!

When I got Kanani I was surprised to see that her dress had little sequins all over it. They are really pretty.


See the sequin on the large flower?

“Dear American girl, I have a suggestion. How about for your 30th anniversary in 2016, you make all of the Girls of the Years that have been retired, and make them available, along with their entire collections?”

If only….


I was thankful to get her lotus flower along with Kanani. Many of the Kanani dolls on Ebay were missing either their necklace or flower, or both. Some were even missing their shoes, but my Kanani came with a flower and her shoes. :) I am planning on making her a necklace sometime soon.


Look at her eyes. They are gorgeous. Note: They look way better in person. In fact, the whole doll does!


Kanani’s hair is a little, well…. the picture speaks for itself. Her hair is so long, some of the pieces reach the ground. Her hair is a little rough at the bottom, but at the top, it’s still in pretty good condition!


I like hairstyles which show her hair and not pull it all the way back. I just discovered this hairstyle for her and I think it’s my favorite one.


Kanani’s sandals had a lot of love at her old home. The stretchy band on the back that holds them on her feet doesn’t work too well, so I have to tie them on. But hey, some sandals are better than none!


I think this is the hairstyle that she originally came in. I think it pulls her hair out of her face nicely, but reveals some of the wig cap.


Kanani’s lotus flower has a little blue sequin in the middle. Below the 2 layers of petals is a cloth green leaf. Beneath all of that is the green clip that is secured to the flower.


I love Kanani.


Her dress has pink and blue flowers all over it.


At the bottom it spreads out a little bit.


Now I want to go look at my 2011 holiday catalog.

Kanani’s whole collection: $479.

Grace’s Bakery: $500

Sorry, Kanani just fainted.

Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed the pictures!

– American Girl Doll Artist


11 comments on “Hawaiian Flowers

  1. I literally cried while reading this. Kanani is my dream doll, I want her more than anything in the world. But, all Kananis I have found on Ebay are well over 300$. I tried to show my Mom, but she said 300$ was way too much, even if I payed for her myself. I cry every time I see pictures of this beautiful doll.

  2. I have Kanani, too, but she’s a little messed up-her hair is crazy-and I have the same problem with her shoes! The elastic is super loose and they Always. Fall. Off! It drives me crazy.