Home Sweet Dollhouse

Kanani opened her eyes. She felt refreshed after a long night’s sleep, in her new cozy pajamas. With a soft and fluffy mattress beneath her, and a pillow under her head –



Where was her pillow?

Kanani sat up, and felt around on the mattress. Her pillow hadn’t fallen on the floor. Her bed sheets were also missing. What was going on?


Something was amiss, and Kanani was going to find out.


Just next to the Daybed was the living room. Hurrying over, Kanani saw her cousins Spring and Pippa chatting in festive clothing. And.. was that their Christmas tree?  That was NOT there last night, she thought. Kanani stepped into the middle of the room, blocking Pippa’s view. “Guys, what is going on? Why is there a Christmas tree in our house? And what happened to my pillow and sheets?”

Pippa shrugged. “I dunno. It was just like this when I woke up. I kinda like it. It makes me feel in the Christmas spirit.” She smiled.

“Yeah, your dress is pretty.” Kanani replied, then got back down to business. “So you have no idea what’s going on?” She looked at Spring, who shook her head.

“Hm. Okay, thanks anyway.” Kanani said. She stepped out of the living room and started off towards the kitchen


Kanani felt more confused than ever when she noticed the kitchen had been replaced with Bahia Berry, with Darica behind the counter!

Shaking her head, Kanani walked up to the stand. Perhaps Darica would have some answers for her.


“Hi!” Darica said with a smile, “How may I help you?”

Kanani laughed.”I’m not here to order, I just want to ask you something.”

“Oh, sure! Go ahead.” Darica replied, looking at Kanani attentively.

Taking a deep breath, Kanani began to tell Darica of the strange happenings around their home. “..and no one knows what’s going on,” she finished.

Darica chewed on her lip. “I don’t either. Maybe some of your sisters will know!”


“Sup, Nani?” Tay asked. Her latest obsession was coming up with nicknames for each of her sisters. She strolled up casually in her favorite Adidas tank, sport shorts, and slides.

“Taylor! I’m so -” Kanani blurted out, then stopped. “What are you wearing? It’s the middle of fall.”

“It’s TAY.” Tay said, cutting her off. Then she smiled. “You sound like Jamie.”

“Um, right. Tay, do you know what’s happening around our house? The kitchen is missing, a tree appeared in our living room, and someone took my pillow and sheets!!”


Tay laughed. “Come with me.” She turned on her heel and led Kanani outside their room.


“Introducing..” Tay spread out her arms dramatically, “Our new dollhouse!!”

Kanani gasped. “A dollhouse?” Her hands flew to her mouth in surprise. “But.. how?”

“Our mom’s family won it during a fashion show! Our grandmother bought them raffle tickets, and we won the dollhouse.” Tay said.

“Obviously,” Kanani said.. “This is amazing.”

“Come on, I’ll show you the rooms.” Tay said, taking Kanani’s hand and leading her to the first room.


“Hi Sarah, hi Tay!” Sarah greeted her sisters with a smile, “What’s up?”

Kanani didn’t say anything, for she was admiring the room.

“Kanani was wondering why stuff in our house was missing, so I showed her the dollhouse.” Tay replied.

“It’s awesome, isn’t it?” Sarah asked. Kanani looked around for a few seconds longer before turning to Sarah. “Yeah, it is!”

“So, guys, this is our family’s room. We’ll all share this. Obviously we won’t all fit in it,” Sarah laughed, “But we can take turns.”

Kanani and Tay nodded.


“Next door here we have our cousin, Julie’s room.” Tay said. “Let’s head upstairs. Wait until you see the last room – it’s the best!”


“This room belongs to Pippa, Jessica, and all them..”


“..and this room belongs to Sophie, Samantha, Katie, and the Bitties.”


“And last but not least,” Tay said, hopping up the last steps, “Is the attic!”

Kanani couldn’t say anything. She was panting too hard. That was a lot of stairs.

“Here’s the kitchen that was missing, and I think your sheets were on the bed in our room.” Tay added. “And I think Mom added the tree since she was decorating anyway.”


“It’s great!” Kanani said, once she had caught her breath.

“Whatcha eating, Josefina?” Tay asked two of her cousins who were busying themselves in the kitchen.


“I’m just helping Emerson get some cereal,” Josefina replied, as Emerson gave a small wave. “Help yourself!”

“I don’t know about you, but I’m starving.” Tay said, turning to Kanani. “Want anything?”


“Just an apple, please,” Kanani answered. “If I’m going to be walking up all these stairs, I’m going to have to start eating healthier!”

The End.

Welcome to the new dollhouse!! Some of our Instagram followers probably already know we won a dollhouse during a Me and My Doll Fashion Show, but I thought it would be fun to make a photostory about it for the blog. :D

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29 comments on “Home Sweet Dollhouse

  1. I saw this on your Instagram and was hoping you’d post about it on here! :D It’s AMAZING! :o I love the wood floors and how clean it looks. You and you sisters must really enjoy having it!

    -Clara <3

  2. Congratulations! I love your dollhouse, it’s beautiful, and you decorated it so cute! Do you know what brand it is? I’ve been looking for a dollhouse for my dolls, and yours seems really nice.

  3. Oh my word, congratulations! That is fantastic that you won!! :D Your dollhouse is so pretty! I’m sure your dolls will love it. :)
    ~Grace <3
    P.S. I have a quick question/request…do you have any photography tips/ideas for basement photography? My dollhouse is in my basement and there aren't any windows anywhere, so the lighting isn't the best. I got some lights (I think they're called tea lights) from the local hardware store but the light isn't the best for photos. Do you have any ideas? Thank you SO much! :D

  4. Aww that was so cute! I love your new dollhouse, your lucky, I can’t win anything I enter. And I didn’t know you got Emerson!? Awesome post.
    ~Katherine 🍩

  5. Wow! What an awesome dollhouse! And you have a lot of furniture, too, that’s awesome! (I’m kinda lacking in that department, but of course, I don’t have a dollhouse either.) :-)

  6. Aww, congratulations!! :D I am so, so, so happy for you! I can still remember that day long ago when you told me you wanted a dollhouse, and now just look at what God has done. :) You and your sisters are blessed girls, and I can’t wait to see your pictures of the dolls’ new house! :) <3

    American Girl Doll Crafter <3