Kanani Goes Outdoors!



“What a beautiful day it is outside!” Kanani said, taking a walk, “I’m going to play camping.”


She found some big rocks and made a circle.


“Now, time for the sticks!” Kanani said. She looked for sticks around her camp ground.


Then she arranged the sticks to look like a camp fire. “If only Kaya were here!” Kanani thought, “SHE could start this fire.” Kanani considered rubbing the sticks together, but refused. What if the fire got out of control?


“Now, I will go exploring.” Kanani wandered around the campground, looking for flowers, but all she found were weeds. “Oh well,” Kanani said.


“Cool, a bridge!” Kanani cried. Then she heard a rumble of thunder. “Aw man!” Kanani whined. She headed back towards her house. “At least I got to play outside on a wonderful day!”



4 comments on “Kanani Goes Outdoors!

  1. It would be cool if you made a tent for Kanani and Kaya. You could use clay doll food and set up a bakery or take ”school” pictures of your dolls in their favorite outfits that you mentioned in an earlier post. You could also post how to make some of your favorite doll crafts. Or since you are a good artist you could do a post about your dolls going to an art studio or having an art contest.