My Bucket List By Kanani

Hello world, this is just a fun, random post. Mom said I could post all by myself, with no help. How cool is that? Anyway, I was wondering what a bucket list was a few days ago, and Grace told me all about it. So I thought to myself, I should make one.

My Bucket List:

1. Go to Hawaii.


I’m pretty sure it won’t happen this summer,  but I’m still hoping it will happen sometime in my life! Ah, it would feel so great to feel the sand on my feet and splash around in the water.

2. Go paddleboarding.

kanani paddleboard

I don’t have to do this in Hawaii. I could do it at a lake or something, just as soon as I have a paddleboard.

3. Stalk Ebay.

Kanani Swimsuit

I really like the swimsuit from my collection. Actually, I like my whole collection. I want Mom to help me stalk Ebay and find some great deals, if there are any.

4. Save up for a doll.

mini doll addy

I really want an American Girl doll. My favorite doll is Addy, because she is a doll of color, and she has a blue dress, which is gorgeous!

That’s my list, and I hope you make one too! Sorry, Jamie just popped in and is begging for the keyboard. Okay, you can say a few words….

Hello fashionistas! Mom has something fun planned for all of you doll lovers! Stay tuned!

*Sigh*. Jamie, I was going to announce that. Mom said I could write this all by myself, you know.

Sorry. Gotta go!

Typical Jamie. Thank you for reading! Do you have any big plans for the summer?

– Kanani Akina :)



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