To Send, or Not to Send…..

I have wanted Kanani’s hair to be curly. Ever since she came on December 9th, 2013, I have wanted her curly hair back. She came right before lunch, and after I ate, I raced up stairs and combed through Kanani’s rough hair. I twisted a section around my finger, and I convinced myself that it was curly.

But it wasn’t.

Eventually, I combed out her “curls”. Next, I tried a makeover. Take that times four.  4 makeovers, and not a single one of them worked. I loved how her hair always turned out, but it never lasted.

After every makeover, I told myself to give up, that I could never fix Kanani’s hair. After a while though, I would change my mind and try again. It was always beautiful afterwards, but it never worked.


This is what it looked like in my September makeover, but it straightened out in a couple of days.

I have always wanted to send Kanani to the doll hospital for a new head. Then she would have curly hair.

A few days ago, I was ready to send her. I printed out the submission form, and filled most of it out, checking the box next to the “New Head” . I gave it to Kanani, and she didn’t know what to think. She also wanted some new clothes, but she couldn’t decide, because she could only choose one.

Pros of Getting Kanani’s New Head:

1. Kanani would have curly hair

2. She would look pretty in photo shoots.

3. I would want to play with her more.

Cons of Getting Kanani’s New Head:

1. I would worry about messing up her hair.

2. It would cost $44.

Since I can’t make a decision, I will put it on hold, and use my money for something for my blog. Hint hint. ;)

Kanani is relieved. She doesn’t want to leave me, but she does want a new head. She can’t decide either so she would rather wait until after.

Kanani’s beauty is not just in her hair. It’s in her personality. In her smile. Her bright green eyes, and her complexion. When I took photos of her, I realized this. She is beautiful without curly hair, and now I am even more thankful that I have a Kanani doll.

– American Girl Doll Artist

P.S. Do you know what time of year is coming? 



22 comments on “To Send, or Not to Send…..

  1. I would send her, but you should know that the hospital does make mistakes… I sent my Saige in for a new torso, and she came back with a new torso… But her head is on crooked. :(

  2. TRICKY! I’m also debating whether or not to send my Lanie to the doll hospital for a new head…I’ve tried for 2 years to fix her hair but it hasn’t exactly worked. :P Still, I don’t really want to replace her head, because then it’ll be like a whole new doll. Good luck deciding!

  3. Aww, I know how tough of a decision this is. We were going to do this with Ana (Nicki) but we realized that we wanted to change her hair to a different wig anyways.


  4. That is a tough choice, I’ve faced it with my Abby (a used Saige). Her hair was a wreck when I got her and after a lot of work, I got it under control but she too lost her curls. I’m just nervous about sending her back for fear the face might be slightly different. I’ll be curious to see what you decide!

  5. I just wanted to let you know that this post totally inspired me. My Kanani’s hair doesn’t have curls anymore either, and Rebecca’s curls aren’t pretty anymore, and Caroline’s curls are just so different. I have been thinking about sending them to the hospital, but you totally helped me to realize that their hair doesn’t have to remain perfect in order for me to love them. It doesn’t change who they are, they just get a new look. Thank you for helping me to realize that :)

  6. I got Lanie off of eBay and I had to send her to the hospital because her head was falling off. (I also had her ears pierced! She really liked that!) When she came back though, her head was crooked. I have been gently pushing it back into its regular position, and it’s not that crooked any more. What kind of treatments did you use on Kanani? Have you tried finger curling?

  7. You should send her to lovelivautum’s doll hospital! She can permenatly curl her hair, and she’s done it on kanani dolls before (I know because I saw a picture on her website). Her website is:
    AND her services are at a reasonable price! :)