Kaya Goes Exploring

Hello! It’s me, Kaya. I am going exploring! Do you want to come along too? Great!

First, I walked out of my bedroom. Well, it was more like Mom’s bedroom. I ran into a giant bean bag.


It was kind of squishy. Then Mom said, you were supposed to sit in it.


It was really comfy.


Then I found this weird animal on the ground. And it was crying.


I picked up the animal. He told me that he was a plush football, so he wasn’t an animal. He was crying because he didn’t like to be the football. He just wanted to watch the game. I told him not to cry, because being the football in a game is an honor. He was pleased and then I said good-bye to do some more exploring.


It took me a while to get down the stairs.


Mom and I played on the piano. Mom played some Christmas songs like O Holy Night, even though it’s not even Thanksgiving yet!


Then, Mom took me to the playroom. It was so fun! There was railroad pieces everywhere! I built a track and played for a little bit.

After that, Mom said it was time for a photo shoot. Enjoy the pictures!






I found the soccer ball and Mom said I could take a picture with it.

Bye bye!

– Kaya and American Girl Doll Artist (Mom). 😉

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