The Guiding Compass – Part 7

When they arrived back home, Lea made sure the front door was locked and then went straight to her room. She realized that the paper turtle on the wall had fallen down. Making a mental note to herself to ask the others for some more tape, she opened her shopping bag and looked inside.


She laid the clothing she had purchased out on the bed and studied it.


Then pulling her messenger bag up and over her head, she took out her lightsaber and ignited the blade. She loved her lightsaber. It was one of the few belongings she had that were special to her and she couldn’t let someone take it away from her. Maybe it was a prank, Lea thought, but she had a nagging feeling in her stomach that told her otherwise. If it wasn’t a prank, who was it that called me? 


Lea spun herself around in the chair, listening to that familiar humming sound made by her lightsaber blade. She loved being a Jedi. It was who she was; it was in her blood.   But if I told the other dolls, they’d never believe me, and think I was weird. I’m not going to risk telling them and never fitting in, she thought sadly.


I was never out of place before, she reminded herself. The memories came flooding back to her. Lea stood up,  pushed her shoulders back, and lowered herself into a fighting stance, a determined look on her face, but a twinkle in her eye. She whipped her lightsaber around, battling with an invisible opponent.


The adrenalin rushed through her as she continued to lunge and swing at thin air.  Lea pretended she was back at her old school, training against her teacher, Mai Reu.  Though her teacher never admitted it, Lea knew she was favored over the 20 students in her class. She always thought it was because she was so much quicker on her feet. Closing her eyes, Lea imagined she was back in the tall, training building of the Jedi Institute with the floor-to-ceiling windows surrounding her on all sides. She imagined Mai Reu directly in front of her, clad in her brown, flowing Jedi robe.

“Lea, remember to lunge lower,” Mai Reu would say calmly while blocking each and every one of Lea’s blows. Lunging had always been Lea’s weak spot. She always seemed to fall over when lunging low to the ground, and she had a hard time defending herself too.  This time, Lea imagined that she lunged perfectly and nicked the corner of her instructor’s robe.


And when she opened her eyes, she was on the floor. Her lightsaber, which had gone out, had flew out of her hand and landed several feet from her.


Lea sighed, knowing she had yet to master the move.  She stood up, out of breath, though in better spirits.  There was something about a lightsaber duel that fueled her. Maybe it was that it gave Lea a sense of courage; a fire inside her. Maybe it was because when fighting, Lea realized what she was capable of.

After setting her lightsaber on her desk, she hurried off to the dining room for lunch.

Stay tuned for Part 8!

And the “rising action” keeps rising. >:D


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  1. *squeals* YES!!! THE JEDI MIND TRICK IS WORKING SO FAR!;D LOL! Oh my gosh, I can’t wait to know what happens next!! I need to know who the bad guy is!! *screams* LOL!XD

    I’m SO BEYOND EXCITED for the next part!!! :D
    Also, Emma texted me, “THE GUIDING COMPASS!!!!” I replied with, “AAAAAH!!!!” and I literally RAN into my bedroom to come read the post! XD


  4. This a great photo story. I hope you include a part with pictures of her past. for example, Her in her Jedi robe, fighting an opponent, ETC. I understand if you cant because of some of the more “alien” looking Jedi masters. ;-) Cant wait for next part!

  5. I love the story soooooooooooo much! I wonder who called her?! It would be cool if you made Darth Vader a wife in the story! I can’t wait until part 8!
    kaitlynrh1 <3 :D :)

  6. Thank you thank you thank you!!!!! Hurrah for guiding compass! I hope she tells her new sisters soon! Thank you for posting these, I think we all kinda understand why it takes so long for you post and all. But you still try to give us*episodes* or parts twice a week, and we appreciate it. Thanks a lot!

  7. Oh wait! I just noticed something!!!!! Since the turtle was down, has someone ransacked or searched her room! Or……….. Am I making to big deal out of it and the tape just didn’t hold?😏 Please post part 8 on Wednesday or when ever you can!

  8. Does any one in Lea’s family get……. Kidnapped!!! Or something suspenseful and creepy and exciting happens? I have a lot of questions don’t I?

  9. Oh…… Hey guys! AGDA didn’t quite answer my question(s)!!!!!!! 😋 😀Thanks for this awesome series!

  10. Yes! Lea’s a jedi! Is this story before Order 66 or after? Or something different entirely? (I know, I’m nerdy.) XD
    Oooh, the suspense…can’t wait for the next part! (You’re probably tired of hearing that by now… but it’s true!)
    <3 , IrishAG

  11. How soon is soon? (Like uh, today soon?) Really looking forward to it! From this scene/episode/part, you could go any where!!!!