Melody Doll on CBS News – Video

The Melody doll debuted today on CBS News! I think she’s super pretty. She has a recording studio, a bed, and a dog named Bojangles.

Here are some snippets of the video:

melody bed

You can see she is wearing an outfit leaked awhile ago on Instagram supposedly for Bitty Babies. I think they are her Pj’s. They look kind of similar to Maryellen’s though. It also looks like she has a green music player, some book and tickets, maybe part of her Bedtime Accessories?

recording studio

Here she is wearing the Peplum dress that also leaked. In the background you can see a yellow keyboard and a music stand. This is her recording studio that can actually play Motown music. I’m guessing this will be her big ticket item.

melody doll2

Here is the whole Melody Ellison doll in her meet outfit. I think she’s adorable and I’m pretty sure she has the Sonali face mold.

LINK to the video.

What do you think of her?


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  1. Melody is gorgeous! I love her. 🙂 Do you think you’ll buy her? What’s your favorite item from her collection so far? Oh, I can’t wait for her actual debut!

    -American Girl Doll Crafter

    • I love her too! I might buy her, I’d have to see her in person.
      I think my favorite item I’ve seen would probably be her Peplum dress. I love the design and style. 🙂
      Me too! Summer is so far away!

  2. Avatar Ag Dolls 4 Ever says

    My favorite is the one of her in her bed! She looks great in pigtails and I think she might join my doll family after I get Lea, Maryellen, Kaya, and Rebecca. That means she might be on the wait list for a couple years 🙁

  3. Melody is sooooooooooooo cute! :0)

  4. I LOVE all the pictures!

  5. I LOVE her! I really like her recording studio too. 🙂

  6. I am in LOVE with her!!! I will definitely be getting her and her whole collection!

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