Mini Isabelle Takes a Trip

Recently, Mini Isabelle took a vacation to Iowa with me. My family and I were getting our pictures taken, and Mini Isabelle decided to explore the studio (aka. get into mischief).

First, she checked out the walls.


“This wood floor and brick wall would be nice for a ballet studio!” Isabelle said.


Then she posed for a few pictures until moving onto the next wall.


Isabelle liked the purple one, with the white woodwork. It was just the right size for practicing some ballet moves on.

After wandering around for a little bit, Isabelle found some giant boxes. “I wonder what’s in these!” She said, pulling off one of the lids and peering inside.


“Beads!” Isabelle shouted with delight. She jumped in and played around for a bit until she remembered the other box. Isabelle climbed out and removed the lid from the second one and looked in.


It was full of feathers. Isabelle yawned. She was tired after all her exploring. After all, she was a small doll in a big room! Isabelle settled into the feathers and took a nice little siesta until it was time to leave.

( I took the pictures on an iPod, so they are a little blurry.)

Thank you for reading! And stay tuned for the next blog post!



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  1. Dara, I just finished reading the posts you wrote. So cool! Keep up the good work. I am hoping to make one soon. Any tips on making one? Do you like Word press? My dolls Really like your blog. lol =D

    • One thing that I’m doing is that I brainstorm ideas for posts, so I don’t run out, or have nothing to write about. I think it will help me to write often. :)