Mini Kaya’s Tuesday Travels

Welcome one and all. I am currently recovering from dizziness. My Mommy made a swing just like Mini Isabelle’s and well, I kind of got sick. I was swinging for hours before I found a way to escape. No more swinging for me!

Last week, I decided to follow that huge orange creature, remember? Well, I followed him around and around. He just wouldn’t stop! Out of breath and tired, I sat down to rest on a rock. Only then did he decide to rest too. After he slept for a while, I cautiously tip-toed over to him. I touched his fur, but then he woke up! I realized he had been waiting for me to come over. He sniffed me and that was it. Some monster!


He looked gentle, like a tame horse. I climbed up on his huge head and pushed my knees into his big pop-belly. Nothing happened.


Either he was too lazy, or he wasn’t meant to be ridden. I slid off disappointed and leaned on his stomach.  It was warm! I thought I might lay down for nap when I heard a big meow come from below the mountain. I said good-bye to him and was on by way. He didn’t seem to care that I was leaving.


I was just going to go a downwards until I saw what was making the sound. I went a little to far to the edge and… well, let’s just say I fell off and it hurt pretty bad. I walked over to the sound and was surprised to find a creature just like the other one, except this one was gray and white. I tried to strike up a conversation, but he was too busy trying to go back to sleep.


I found a little cave crevice with lots of boxes. I mean, lots and lots of boxes. I was going to find one to take home, but I heard a growl from behind. I turned around and saw another orange creature glaring at me. Apparently I was on her property.


I got out as fast as my mini legs could carry me. Thank goodness no one or thing followed me out. I raced home to safety before I could meet another creature. I’d had enough. But that won’t stop me from exploring next Tuesday.

Come back next Tuesday!

– Mini Kaya and Catlover02


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  1. Good photos, expectially the ones with the cat (hehe, catlover02) but I have a request will you stop the subscribe pop up? It popped up in the middle of this comment, and it comes up out of nowhere thanks