Mini Kaya’s Tuesday Travels, Part 1

Welcome to Mini Kaya’s Tuesday Travels. I, Mini Kaya, will show you the wonders of the world as I explore and find everything you wanted to know about the outside world. You may think I’m small, but some of the smallest people are the best at finding things and exploring. However, on with my adventure. When I first stepped outside, I was blinded by a humongous yellow ball in the sky. ( Any mini dolls who know the answer may tell me.) After I got over the fact that it was burning hot and my skin was melting, I started to explore. That’s what I was supposed to do in the first place, you know. I shimmied up as scalding hot, black, metal, line. It was sticking out of the ground for no reason. I mean, who in the world would just leave a metal line just standing in the ground? When I finally got to the top, I looked down at the world below.



Well, more like concrete below. I immediately started to panic. (That’s what all mini dolls do when they have to jump onto concrete to get down from a super-scary, high-up place.) Thankfully, Mommy was there to help me down. The first thing I did when I was on solid land again was kiss the ground. I regret it. I will never, never, never, NEVER, kiss hot concrete again. My lips felt like they were on fire and I imagined I was breathing smoke. A little while later, after the fire disappeared from my mouth. I saw a huge leafy tree I could rest in. I asked Mommy if I could get in it and take a nap for a little while and she helped me up.


After a while, I said, ‘I’m rested enough, can you get me out of this tree?’ Then Mommy started laughing. I asked her what was so funny and she told me to look around. I looked and saw that my ‘tree’ was hanging on a door! It was a wreath! I asked Mommy what a wreath was doing in the summer. It wasn’t Christmas, was it? She said it was for decoration. After I stopped giggling, I saw a worn rock road. ‘Oooo, maybe this leads to a spooky house.’ I thought.


I walked and walked and walked and walked and… Well, you get the point. I started to get tired. Then I saw something up ahead that almost made my eyes pop out of my little head, I rushed forward eagerly to try to get a better view. Could it be? I couldn’t believe my eyeballs!

Come back next Tuesday to see what surprised Kaya so much. :)

– Mini Kaya and Catlover02


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